300-400 word History Movie Reaction

Post a response to The Hunt for Pancho Villa of at least 300 words.

  1. Give a summary of the movie: who? what? when? where? (20%) 

  2. Give your critical and personal reaction to the film. (20%) 

  3. Discuss what aspects of Latin American and Mexican history are illustrated by the movie? What role did the Mexican Revolution play? How does the story of Pancho Villa illustrate the complicated relation between the U.S. and Latin America? Do you think Pancho Villa was corrupt or did she genuinely care about the people? What is your impression of Pancho Villa?  Back up your argument with examples. (20%)

  4. Do not forget to proof read your post for grammar, punctuation and verb agreement. Use the spell checker! (20%) 

The LINK to the movie is found in the attachment below. 

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