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Read the essay “Learning How to Learn” by Glenn Altschuler in Writing, Reading, and Research on pages 113-115. Before you begin, make a plan that describes specific reading strategies you will use to read actively and engage the text. After reading the assigned essay, review your notes and write a four page essay that addresses the following:

  • Describe the reading strategies/note-taking you decided to use and explain why you made those choices.
  • Identify the meaning that you generated from the text. How did you determine this message? What clues did you use from the text? Did you use any of your own experience to develop or reflect on the meaning you interpreted?
  • Critique the experience of reading the text actively. Was it easier to develop meaning using these strategies? Why or why not? Did you have any distractions as you read? Did that make a difference?
  • Explain how you will approach reading your next reading assignment. Will you be using these strategies again, or will you try something else? What has been the most helpful information on reading strategies and note-taking that was covered in this unit?


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