American History


In 3-5 pages, compare and contrast three Voices of Freedom excerpts. Using these primary source excerpts, answer the following questions: how has the definition of freedom changed from the first document to the third? In what way (or ways) has the meaning of freedom changed? Or has it stayed the same? Please be sure to address the historical context of each document excerpt. Why is this person writing about this topic at this time? How might the historical context shape this person’s conception of freedom?

·       Note: One excerpt from chapters 1-6, one excerpt from chapters 7-12, and one excerpt from chapters 13-18.

·       The Voices of Freedom section in your textbook is a 2-page spread per chapter. Each page has one excerpt. You only need to pick one excerpt (i.e. one page) per section of chapters. Failure to follow directions will result in a lower grade. YOU CANNOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES.

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