Analyze 3 rhetorical strategies in this reading – Studypool

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  1. Complete the assigned reading.
  2. Read the topic below carefully.
  3. Format your essay using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1-inch margins.
  4. Essay should be a minimum of 500 words (about 2 pages, excluding reference page).
  5. Use APA format.
  6. Submit your journal through Turn-it-In


In a well-organized and well-developed essay, introduce your reading, the author, background information, and three rhetorical strategies used by the author. Conclude your essay with a personal association that you connected to the reading using your freewriting and looping exercises.

I will upload the reading once you accept this assignment. Please do not copy from Google because I need to turn in on Turn-it-in. Attachment is Rhetorical Strategies.


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