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What would you predict concerning the relative RS (reproductive success) of birds in woodlands versus hedgerows? Explain your reasoning.
What is your prediction in terms of how lizards would respond to this manipulation: would they increase the size of their territory, decrease it, or keep it the same size? Explain your reasoning.
Speculate on why some birds settle in the poorer habitat by choice, and why, in this scenario, RS equal between two groups
How would birds distribute themselves between the habitats if there were 10 individual in total in the local population? What would the approximate RS of these birds be?
How would birds distribute themselves if there were 70 individuals? What would the RS of the birds in the different habitats be in this scenario?
What is the average reproductive success of aphids on these different scenarios (1, 2, or 3 gall)? Discuss this pattern, and the result of your calculation, in relation to the IFD


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