|Arabian Plate_ African Plate__^ _ Direction of plate motion P Wisz’` Antarctic Plate denote approximate relative directions of plate movement ….

A triple Junction is where 3 plate boundaries meet.

Find 2 triple junctions where 3 speeding ridges come together.

Find a triple junction where a speeding center, transform fault, and subduction zone meet.

|Arabian Plate_African Plate__^_ Direction of plate motionP Wisz’`Antarctic Platedenote approximate relative directions of plate movement .Eurasian PlatePlateIndian – AustralianPhilippine PlateZ’NFigure 3 . 6 Principal world lithospheric plates , inferred from information such as that shown in figure 3.5 and other data . Arrowsoverriding plate )Subduction zoneJuan de Fuca Plate( sawteeth point towardSan AndreasPacific PlatefaultSource : After W . Hamilton , U . S. Geological Survey .pacitAntarctic PlateRISENazca PlateNorth American PlateCaribbean PlateAndes8LITT Spreading ridgeTransform faultSouthAmericanPlateMid -_Atlantic Ridge

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