Art history

Answar one paragraph for each question

1-Why do you think the British Museum and the Getty Museum take completely different approaches when discussing human sacrifice and warfare from this period?  Please keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer here.  I am asking you to think about this while you study the links and explore. Be as descriptive as you can and get involved with the topic.  Make sure you refer to the Double Headed Serpent image and the bbc link provided in the Module to demonstrate your engagement.

2-In an Aztec work from the Getty exhibition, point out how the Aztec artist emphasized the power of the Aztecs.  This means you’d need to select one specific art work from the exhibition.  Be sure to clearly describe by title, date and even better with an image, which object you have chosen.

Not all the objects in the Getty exhibition are Aztec.  Some are Spanish, as the exhibition is concerned with the Spanish reaction to the Aztecs.  Some are Roman, because the thesis of the exhibition is that the Spanish viewed the Aztecs through the lens of ancient Rome.

3-Comparing an Aztec work with one from an earlier Meso-american culture, point out where the Aztec artist seems to use the older tradition.  Make sure you clearly identify which Aztec object you are referring to.

Be sure to read these pages:

Learn more about the Aztecs (a map, mostly)

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