Art History_Marble Statue of Hercules_5Pages

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5 Pages, Chicago Format 

Subject : Marble statue of youthful Hercules, in the MET. 

Introduction/ Formal Analysis


Thesis Statement



Your research paper should be developed around a clear thesis regarding your chosen object.  You should incorporate formal analysis with findings gathered from your research to support your thesis.

The length of your research paper is 5 full pages, plus one title page, one or two pages for illustration(s) and a bibliography (CMOS).  All papers must be typed in Times New Roman font (12 points), be double-spaced, with a 1 inch margin on all sides, on white paper (size: 11” x 8.5”).

On your title page:


Indicate the title of your paper


Your name


The course number and title


Name of school and department


Name of instructor


Date on which your paper is due.

On your illustration page:


The illustration(s) will be your photo(s) of the artwork. 


Images downloaded from the museum or any other website will not be accepted. 


Indicate the title and date of the artwork, artist (if known), medium, dimensions of the work, accession number and name of the museum.


The introductory paragraph should include your thesis and formally present the work that you will be analyzing (artist, title, date, etc.). 


Make sure to tie all of your ideas together at the end with a conclusion.  The best conclusions not only include a summary of your research, but also open up the reader to considering additional questions about the subject.

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