Article analysis and news and views assignment paper

This is a paper that is focusing on the article analysis and news and views assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Article analysis and news and views assignment

Article Analysis and News & Views:
In this assignment, you will read and analyse a journal article that covers a recent advance/investigation in immunology research (Part 1). Using the knowledge gained from this analysis and associated background reading, you will write a short ‘News and Views’ style article that explains the importance and broader context for your selected paper (Part 2). This should be aimed towards a general scientific audience.

Part 1:

With your selected research paper, answer the following questions:

1.     Firstly, what is the fundamental research question or immunology problem that this paper is trying to address? (200 words)

2.     Secondly, what data has been used to answer the research question? (200 words)

3.     Thirdly, describe one main immunology/laboratory technique used in this paper. How does this technique work, and how does it help the researchers answer their question? (200 words)

4.     Fourthly, describe the controls used in this study. Are these controls appropriate? Are there additional controls (or control experiments) you would use? (200 words)

5.     Also, what alternative immunology/assay technique could be used to tackle the question/problem addressed in this paper? Describe how the suggested technique helps address the research question/problem (200 words)

Part 2 :

Using your selected paper, write a short ‘News and Views’ style article that explains the importance and also broader context of your chosen paper to a general scientific audience. This article should be no more than 2 pages in length (800-1000 words, single-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, excluding reference list), and should cover:

• The relevant background to the chosen paper: In what context has this work been done? What knowledge are they building on? What important concepts does the reader need to understand in order to understand the chosen paper?

• Major results/conclusions/contributions for the chosen paper: What new knowledge has this paper added to the field? Have they introduced a new tool or analysis technique? Also, have they used existing immunology/assay techniques to answer a fundamental biological question?

• Future directions for this research: What impact is this research likely to have on future work? Also, are there obvious follow-up studies that lead on from this research? Are there additional studies that need to be done to validate this research? This is a chance for you to express your scientific opinion.

To help guide you in this task, we have provided an example original research paper (Peng et al. 2020) and also associated ‘News and Views’ article (Swadling & Maini, 2013), as well as some hints for writing a News and Views article below.

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