Article Review Assignment #3 (Internet): Search the Internet and read an article related to child guidance selected by you. The article can come from any source you located on the internet. – Studypool

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Instructions: Read an article related to child guidance selected using one of sources. See the course calendar for require source. This article review must in a narrative and no more than 1-2 pages typed written. This assignment should be typed into a Word document and submitted as an attachment in the assigned learning module link. Must be submitted in Canvas or risk points being deducted. Any other submissions must have prior approval by instructor.


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Course: CDEC 1319.(section#)

  1. Title of Article & Author(s). Must use APA format. Visit Purdue OWL link (Links to an external site.)
  2. Article must be attached to assignment either by a link or attached document.

Paragraph One: Briefly state the main idea of the article . List three important facts that the author(s) uses to support the main idea. Provide examples used to point out main idea.

Paragraph Two: Discuss information or ideas discussed in the article that are also discussed in your textbook (Positive Child Guidance 8th Edition Darla Ferris Miller) List the textbook chapter(s) and page numbers. Discuss terms/concepts that were discussed in the article, and write a short definition in your words.

Paragraph Three: Discuss why you selected this article and how you can use this information in your work with children and families.

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