Can u complete this assignment

eview the videos presented this week.  

Write a 300- to 350-word reflection on what you learned by watching the videos.

Discuss the most important and least important parts of the videos. 

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab

  • Admiral Chester Nimitz: Thunder of the Pacific (2008). A&E Television Networks.
  • After Silence (2003). Bullfrog Films.
  • D-Day, The Total Story: D-1 (1994). A&E Television Networks.
  • General George Patton: A Genius for War (2002). A&E Television Networks.
  • General Omar Bradley (2002). A&E Televison Netoworks.
  • Films Media Group (1990). 1939: Hitler Invades Poland (02:59) From Title: World War II.
  • Films Media Group (2000). America Joins the War (07:17) From Title: World War II: The World at War.
  • Films Media Group (2004). American Isolationism (02:39) From Title: World War II: The Road to War.
  • Films Media Group (2000). American Surrender (03:58) From Title: The Bataan Death March.
  • Films Media Group (2004). En Route to Hiroshima (01:51) From Title: Hiroshima.
  • Films Media Group (2001). WWII Air War: Daylight Thunder (11:49) From Title: Air W

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