Catalina asked the king for a pension as a reward for her “rectitude and rare purity” and her service to Spain. What do you think she sought to be rewarded for?

The text of “Catalina de Erauso”

The sample of respond to this question:

Catalina says her only virtue is being a Spaniard. Although she tries to hide her identity as a woman for a long time, she never tries to hide her identity as a Spaniard; she is proud of where she comes from. Hiding her womanhood is not necessarily punishable, being that the biology and anatomy of the human body is barely understood and especially because she remains a virgin. She may show betrayal to her G-d, family and friends but she very rarely shows betrayal towards Spain (besides that time when she deserted the army). When Catalina confesses and tells her tale she makes sure to include that she is a virgin. She betrays G-d and her religion in more ways than not, for example thou shalt not kill (multiple times), but she remains pure which goes a very long way with the Catholic community. She sought to be rewarded for her loyalty to Spain and remaining a virgin through out all of her travels, hardships (self inflicted or not) and woes. 

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