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Imagine you are employed by a large city police department as the leader of the digital forensics division. A
large corporation in the city has contacted the police for assistance in investigating its concerns that the
company Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has been using company money to fund personal travel, gifts, and
other expenses. As per the company security director, potential evidence collected thus far includes emails,
bank statements, cancelled checks, a laptop, and a mobile device.
Write an eight to ten (8-10) page plan report in which you:
1. Explain the processes you would use to seize, search, collect, store, and transport devices and other
potential sources of evidence.
2. Indicate the personnel resources needed for the investigation and assess why you believe this amount of
resources is warranted.
3. List the initial questions you would have for the security director regarding the company’s email environment
and explain the tasks you would consider performing for this portion of the investigation.
4. Create an outline of the steps you would take to ensure that if a trial were brought against the CFO, the
evidence collected would be admissible in the court of law.
5. Determine the potential evidence (including logs, devices, etc.) you would request from the company
security director based on what she has identified and identify the other data sources you might consider
6. Explain the tools you would use for this investigation based on the potential evidence the company security
director has already identified, as well as any other potential sources of evidence you might review.
7. Describe the procedure and tool(s) you would consider utilizing for acquiring potential evidence from the
CFO’s mobile device

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