country is Republic of Congo. at least 800 words. due in 14 hours. answer every part separately separately – Studypool

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Banerjee & Duflo. Poor Economics Ch 3 health pp. 41-56; 68-70

Ch 4 education pp. 71-82

Ch 6 effects & risks pp. 133-155

Steven Radelet Emerging Africa – How 17 Countries are Leading the Way (on Canvas-SDG&Africa-Africa): read Chapter Six and Seven

Written Blog Post #3 is due before midnight the day before class

Please answer these questions (Part one and part two) connected to your readings. Be critical.

Part I: Questions on Emerging Africa

Please reflect on the reading of Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries are Leading the Way by Steven Radelet.

–Explain the meaning of a “Cheetah” and a “Big Man” also called the cheetah generation and the hippo generation? (Ch. 7 and 3 from last week’s reading) Explain how these terms refer to a different way of looking at democracy and civil society?

–Is Radelet’s positive view in Chapter 6 on the African ICT explosion valid and sustainable? What are challenges?

You read quite a bit by now about Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). You will further analyze your assigned/chosen country this week relying on what you have read so far and finding more information.

  • Find a ‘cheetah’ (person or organization) in your assigned country and show his/her/its work that helps the country move towards protection of human rights, free speech, systems of accountability, reducing poverty, etc.
  • Chapter 3 of Radelet’s Emerging Africa talks extensively about democracy building as well as discusses how one defines democracy, what is elemental and how are democracies ranked and judged. How does your country rank? Explore the following sites and answer the questions

Part II: questions below associated with Poor Economics by Banerjee & Duflo. The problems associated with poverty are complex.

  • What are major obstacles in raising developing countries out of poverty? Ch 6
  • What are effective health investments? Ch 3
  • Education is a challenge. What do you see that works or does not work in your assigned country? (the country you were assigned last week) Ch 4


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