Course: Modern Global History- Section A 3313- Letourneau University, Longview TX. 1. Why couldn’t the United States and the Soviet Union cooperate

What are the challenges and opportunities faced by Latin American and South American countries in these decades?

10. Why wasn’t communism working? Why was the country stagnating by the 1970s? What went wrong?

11. What was causing unrest in Eastern Europe?

12. Why was sport important to the Soviet Union?

13. Why was Western Europe able to rebound so quickly, economically, after World War II?

14. Evaluate the role and personality of Charles De Gaulle.

15. What contributed to the economic success of West Germany after its defeat in World War II?

16. What were the causes for the decline of British power and influence?

17. What were the positive and negative issues raised by the movement toward European unity?

18. How were western values changing in this period? Why was there so much focus on materialism?

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