Deagan reading on Taino culture

We are now going to study the native Caribbean group that Christopher Columbus would colonize.

Please read Ch 3 Reluctant Hosts: The Tainos, in Kathleen Deagan’s book Columbus’s Outpost among the Tainos. It’s an electronic book in our library, so all you have to do is search for the book title in the library catalog. For details, see the previous assignment.

You’re welcome to read the whole chapter, but you only have to read pages 29-45.

It’s amazing how much information we have on the Tainos’ way of life. This chapter will give you many details about the Tainos’ cultural practices.

Please answer the following questions and be sure to use words in the Taino language given to name their social positions, food, beliefs and creations:

What’s your gut reaction to this reading?

-What language(s) did the Taino speak?

-How were they organized socially and politically, include social hierarcy and gender relations?

-What were their sources of food and describe the structures they built for shelter?

-What were their spiritual beliefs?

-Did they participate in warfare?

-Describe their artwork or artifacts and any other activities.

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