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Please read the source below at the bottom of this page to answer the question listed!

Note. We are not asking you to post emotional and sensitive aspects of your morale, values, etc., but try to make this meaningful.

What do you hold to be true?

Why did you choose these beliefs?

Do you act according to those beliefs?

Perhaps you believe particular widely-held values that provide an excellent standard for judging right and wrong, good and bad, important from trivial.

Perhaps you have other values and believe something else. Knowing yourself requires a careful examination of your own values and beliefs.

What are they?

How did they originate?

What are they based on?

Why do you hold these beliefs?

Are they based on reliable evidence?

Are your goalsand actions consistent with your beliefs?

How do your beliefs align with your values?

How have they evolved over your lifetime?

How do they help you live a gratifying life?

Source: http://www.emotionalcompetency.com/belief.htm


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