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I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

Each question should be answered with a complete thought. Short, simple responses that barely answer the question being asked WILL receive deduced points.

1.Should your college or university allow faculty who have heavy foreign accents to teach? Why or why not?

2.Think about the last four people you saw today that you didn’t already know. Which of them did you identify using basic social categories? Which of them did you identify using subtypes? What factors affected this categorization?

3.Do you think people today are more likely to hold stereotypes than those who lived before television and movies? Why or why not?

4.Describe some ways in which perceptions of nonnative accents could influence real-life situations in which language is important (eg: eyewitness testimony, teachers’ grading of student work, the hiring process, etc.)?

5.Do you believe researchers should explore whether stereotypes are accurate? Why or why not?


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