Essay, as well as a table or graph with 4-5 pages – Studypool

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

Read the documents attached and following the directions. Also watch videos to conduct an argument

follow the documents attached for instructions and watch videos for an argument to discuss in the essay….

The essay is to take the questionnaires at the human metrics link. Which will you a 4 letter words as a personality type based on the answers on the human metrics link. After getting the 4 letters, the Myersbriggs website will provide more information of the type of personality you get.

The other videos is for any argumentative points, people saying the MBTI test is important and others saying it’s not important, what your own opinion will be about it.

Pictures and graphs are recommended at least 2 pictures should be included in the essay and a graph.

I would like for it not to be too wordy please. Thank you so much.


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