You will view the following segment of the documentary “Slavery and the Making of America” and use it as your 3rd Secondary Source in one of your essay sections talking about Slavery through one of the themes of your choice.*** PLEASE see further instructions and additional links for this assignment in the Hybrid Weeks Resources Folder under London Travel.  = Slavery and the Making of America, pt. 1

We are studying about the Atlantic World and British Colonial America this grading period. Refer to your syllabus for the assigned chapters. Compose a minimum 750 word essay identifying 3 historical themes (refer to my list of themes) of your choosing and summarize any aspects from the histories we are studying this grading period through the “lens” of the themes. PLEASE SEE SAMPLE and instructions for further details. Remember, once you write about these 3 themes you cannot use them again in a future Wiki assignment. PLEASE use your name in your Wiki title. This assignment is due SATURDAY 2/18 BEFORE 11:58 PM. 

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