Essays will be graded on the following criteria: Organization (how well you structure your argument) You should have an introductory paragraph that…

Hello, i require assistance writing this essay about american history. The essay should be approximately 1500 words. Please use one inch margins and double-space or space and a half. Make sure the title of the essay clearly refers to the specific question you’re addressing. In writing the essay make sure you have a clear introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure that you support all main points with specific examples. Please do not plagiarize as I will use turnitin to check for originality as i do want to ace the essay, i cannot stress enough i need this to be original. if you provide me with an excellent essay, I will have more work for you as i really do want to get a higher grade on this essay and in class in general.

Focusing on the period between 1800 and 1865, analyze how the institution of slavery affected the development of the American South and the lives of people living in that region.  You should consider the economic, political, social, and cultural implications of slavery. I have also attached a grading rubric for the essay to assist in following the guidelines require to write it. Please do not plagiarize but citation is welcomed.

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