femst 150 sex love and romance 10

Reflect at least 500 words upon your work over the course and the work you are now doing on your final project:
1. What have you learned in the course about representations of sex, love, and romance that you didn’t know before?
2. How do we continue to work in this topic without creating epistemological harm? For example, how do we ensure that when we are writing, reading, and researching about marginal communities to which we do not belong, how do we facilitate a method of ethics? What must we be attentive to? (I advise a close look at Hartman’s chapter for help on what it means to do justice-affirmed scholarship that does not perpetuate violence or erasure.)
*I attached all of my reading responses for this course, and you can take a look at this file to get ideas of what this course have talked about.

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