Film Review about 12 years a slave(2013)

Read the dir very carefully 

1700 words

willing to pay 25$ 

Answer these questions while viewing the film/miniseries to help you write excellent reviews.

  1. Who is the writer of the film/miniseries?

  2. Who is the director of the film/miniseries?

  3. Who are the producers of the film/miniseries?

  4. What year was the film released?

  5. Whattimeperioddoesthefilm/miniseriescover?

  6. What aspect of slavery does this film/miniseries cover? (See the course description)

  7. Howthefilm/miniseriesdepictregion/societies?

  8. How does the film/miniseries take up gendered and sexualized nature of slavery?

  9. How does the film/miniseries take up the economics of slavery?

10.How does the film/miniseries take up slave resistance?

11. How does the film/miniseries take up slave communities and slave culture?

12.Who are the main characters in the film/miniseries? Explain their roles.

13.Does this film/miniseries cover a real or fictionalized aspect of slavery?

14.What are the physical and sonic aspects of the film? This includes: Narration, Dramatizations, Special effects, Music, Background Noise, etc.

15. What do you think is the central or most important message of the film/miniseries? How is this supported in the film/miniseries?

16.Use a plot diagram (search the internet) to take notes on the plot of the film/miniseries

 Introduction Paragraph(s): In one (1) to two (2) paragraphs explain the filmmaker’s thesis—the main point or points that he or she is trying to make in the film/miniseries. (This is not a description or summary of the film/miniseries; it is an explanation of the director’s purpose, the central idea or ideas around which the film is organized). Also include a brief discussion of the scope of the film/miniseries—the subject of the film/miniseries and the time and geographical area that it covers (i.e. what the film/miniseries is about). Like the thesis, this should take no more than a sentence or two. You should also include information about the director and the principal actors, writers, and production staff involved in the film.

Next 3 paragraphs: Give a broad, general summary of the film/miniseries. You cannot in 3 paragraphs summarize the entire film/miniseries but you can give description of the plot in three paragraphs.

Next 6-7 paragraphs: Analyze with specific examples how the filmmaker depicts region/societies, time period, gender, labor and economics, resistance, and slave community and culture. This should include both issues of plot, dialog, and dramatic action (content) and visual images

Next 1-2 paragraphs: Discuss the contemporary critical response to the film/miniseries. If possible, this should be based on reviews of the film or articles about the film written when the film was released.

Last paragraphs: Assess the film/miniseries’ relationship with the historical scholarship on slavery that you have read. By this I mean, how does the depiction of slavery in the film square up with the historical scholarship that yo have read. You must also access the film. Do not tell me whether or not you liked it or found it interesting, but briefly tell me how successful the filmmaker was in achieving his or her objectives (thesis) presenting his or her vision of slavery; also note briefly the relationship of this film the its historical context (meaning the film is also a comment on present times).

Note: A paragraph should be 1/2 to 3/4 pages in length. Do not write paragraphs that are too short or too long! 

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