grade 5 writing assignment

One of these factors is the financial expectations. Financial expectations are probably the single most intimidating and difficult portion of plan. It covers the fund that I will use to make and produce product and it also includes the thing that will utilize in promoting it. Pastilles all the way would be a food business that specializes in making pastilles and foods that compliments it. But maybe you’re wondering how about the unique flavors of it? It’s simple, replace for another flavor of pastilles like be, strawberry, panda and etc.

But the business wouldn’t pastilles. It’s only the specialty; there would also be other complementary foods such as foods and rinks but all are with a twist. The idea is to put up a small scale business first then later expand after establishing our own market. By carefully making adjustments depending on customers’ feedbacks, we will slowly penetrate the greater food industry until such time that we will be able to have franchise stores. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS One of the challenges that the producers may encounter is that my product is very common in the market.

Some of competitors are those who sell yam, poltroon, and other delicacies. So, I want my product to be competitive enough to the existing products. In order to achieve that, I create a strategy that help show the uniqueness of the product. And one strategies are the uniqueness of flavors of pastilles all the way. GOALS SHORT TERM GOAL The first goal is to recover expenses since pastilles all the way is new to business. After achieving the first goal, the next one is to make it known popular.

Once the product is known in the market that will be the time to earn money because many people will purchase the product. LONG TERM GOAL Once, I achieved the short term goals, there will be a greater chance to achieve the long term. The first goal is to maintain the business not only in the university but also in the market. Second, to earn a to of money after a year. It would mean that the strategies are effective. II. BUSINESS LOCATION Since the pastilles all the way is only starting business, the best place to introduce the pastilles is in the place I live and to university.

It will maximize the resources just like students. If this business boom or the people like the pastilles all the way then will it is the time to go further. The business would be located San Rogue, Castillo, Gambles. Ill. TARGET MARKET The consumers are in different demographics, life stage and ages, children, men’s, adults, even the seniors, girl and boy. But of course the children will be the dominant consumer, since they love sweet stuffs, especially when they have tantrums, it is a good bait for them.

They will easily love the pastilles all the way. The pastilles all the way is not only for a single customer, but for group, too. It is really applicable to a large number of people in a group. Since people have different taste and preferences, they can taste any flavor of pastilles all the way. V. PRICE The product is for everyone so we will make it to the point that everyone will afford the buy one or they can make a habit. The pricing will be based on the quality of the product that will be selling and the expenses made.

So that we can still continue the operation at the same time earn profits. The price will be PH. 8. 00/ piece and PH. 50. 00 per pack V. PROMOTION Pastilles all the way can endorse through posters but it most likely going through in social networking like Backbone, Twitter, and etc. , then every people can reach the product wherever they are. In this output we can make savings for the future purposes. VI. PUBLIC RELATIONS I will hire person who had a good personality and good in public speaking, in hat way that person can build up the reputation of the product.

He or she can convince the people to purchase the product and they will not regret buying it. Evil. MARKETING BUDGET INGREDIENTS Powdered milk Condensed milk 25. 00 sugar 25. 00 Wrapper Ore Strawberry Graham Panda VIII. GENERALIZATION 80. 00 20. 00 55. 00 40. 00 32. 00 30. 00 The pastilles all the way would be known in industry and market world because of it’s affordable price and their strategic location but also the taste of any flavor of it. That’s why this business can be successful. One pastilles but for all the way.

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