green business

Green business will assist recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, green building, environmental clean up, or other Green Project. Nowadays, more human concern over pollution and global warming, climate patterns and shifting resources, therefore, many businesses are making an effort to go “green” by implement the sustainable products in an ecological, economic and social context. Hoffman, 2000 said that global warming is the best issue for the environment that from conservation, water shortage and used of energy.

Business more aware to this issue and make an actions of environmentally-friendly manner to handle the problem. Either services or goods business will be more aware about green business such as Sun Sui Hotel in Melaka and Barkay’s Sport Attire. Based on interview and questionnaire given to both company, both of this business come from different kind of business but still aware about the green business such as for cloths they choose green products and for hotel they practice recycle for their building. Long- term benefits will get from the business that anticipated in an environmentally responsible manner”. ( Videen G. , 2010). This means that the tangible and intangible benefits of environmentally-friendly actions may exactly equal the costs of pursuing these initiatives. There is also something to be said about the possible insurance effect of being green. Having strong goodwill built up in the environmental community can be very beneficial when a crisis does occur Interview with Sun Sui Hotel’s Manager ) Do you think that business should be “green” or “sustainable”? Why? * For my suggestion, business should be green or sustainable because nowadays many pollution come from any business that harm the land such as water and air pollution. As manager in Sun Sui hotel, I really take serious of pollution that comes from my hotel such as water pollution. I suggest to my staff for recycled back water that use for laundry to wash other things such as clean up the ceiling and wall.

In addition, this can save the water and also save the environment for simply waste the water without used it for many times as long as the water is clean enough for use it. In addition, my hotel have many electric to use for 24 hours and it will fact the pollution so I suggest to my company to look for the Energy Star logo to find energy-efficient appliances and electronics that reduce energy-related emissions such as use multipurpose machine like printing, faxing, scanning, and copying in one machine. ) Do you see any need or demand in the market for sustainable products? Why? * I also as others customer that really consider with sustainable products, so I really know what the demand of the market for sustainable products. This is because people aware with their and family health for now and future. Therefore, they want a comfortable life and when going green, “Every little bit helps” isn’t just a cliche but rather a fact of life. 3) What is the roles of business in maintaining the current environmental condition? For the concern of global warming, any business must take a role in maintaining the current environmental condition such as by having a seminar to their employees for make serious of the global warming, do any poster in the company, training the employees for recycled back all the things that can used again. For my Sun Sui Hotel, I take a responsibility to encourage my staff to go green company such as recycled used paper and always switch off the electronic when not using it. 4) In your opinion, what is the most important “motivator” and “barrier” for business to green?

Why? * For my opinion, the most important motivator for business to green is from the top management. Manager or boss behaviour is the model of the business to go green because they will guide and other will make them as the model to save the environment. Without force and asked from their manager, hard for the employees to go green. In this age of concern over global warming, climate patterns and shifting resources, many businesses are making an effort to go “green” by adopting practices that are sustainable in an ecological, economic and social context.

So this is also the most motivator for business to green. * The most barrier for business to green is low awareness of the business imperative among business leaders. As I mention before, leader is the most important for motivator and also will go to the most barrier for green business because they are model of the company. If they not practice in the good way, the employees also will do same things because the company is not belonging to them. They rather to follow their top management than do by their own. Interview with Barkay’s Sport Shop’s Owner . Do you think that business should be “green” or “sustainable”? Why? * I think business especially my company should be green or sustainable because customer nowadays more aware for the environment and also their health. Example like my company that more to clothing and shoes type and most of our customer will choose green fabrics like cotton and we get a suggestion for some of our customers to have new type of fabrics that more green that is bamboos fabric. 2. Do you see any need or demand in the market for sustainable products? Why? Most of our customer will choose green fabrics from our shop because they want something that friendly environment and also products that not harm to their skin. Green fabrics are the products that very safe to the environment and also good for the body. In addition, our customers know to purchase environmentally friendly laundry products and energy-efficient appliances when their need replacing. So sustainable products are really need and demand in market of fabrics. 3. What is the roles of business in maintaining the current environmental condition? The big roles of the business to maintaining the current environmental condition is by always aware of the pollution and global warming. For my company, I always want to serve my customers well by giving them a good service and products that good for their life. As we know, sport is good for life so I want they more healthy by using our products. One of the roles for my company is by choosing the green fabrics for our clothing and shoes. Therefore, we use care tags or any other information to determine the quality of the clothes we already own.

For example, labels from where it manufacturer, contents of the fabrics, how to wash correctly and from where the country of origin. Customer will learn more about the manufacturer from green-business advocacy groups or directories. 4. In your opinion, what is the most important “motivator” and “barrier” for business to green? Why? * I think the most important motivator for green products is by government support example like give an advertisement and do some event that give more motivate to human for having a green and healthy life not only for them but for their future sons and family.

I as businessman also part of the motivator because I need to support my employees and customers about the important of green business. I need to make some training to my employees such as how to recycle or to repair back the clothes and shoes that damaged without throw it. Therefore, in planning I want to make an advertisement for our new green fabrics that is bamboos and describe the bamboo T-shirts as soft, colorful and fashionable so that customers will attract to buy it. For the barriers, as my opinion is come from business itself, they not aware about the important of green products because they just think about profit without think about the disadvantage of the products they sell. Making green clothing decisions presents challenges that shoppers encounter in many areas. Most of the company don’t want take a risk for give a new fabrics like bamboos because they afraid of risk. For me, invest some money for something good is very worth it for the long term profit. CONCLUSION

For the conclusion, nowadays as we know natural resources become more costly and scarce and all customer, employee and investor become more environmentally-conscious. Same goes to Sun Sui Hotel and Barkay’s shop, even though this company just a SME company, they still aware and concern about green environment and doing green business. Green project is not only for safe the environment but also can gain a profit for the business. Manager in Sun Sui’s hotel said that one of the owner of her company from Japan that is more strict on green environment and asked her to train all the staff about green business.

Same goes to Barkay’s shop, the owner said that even though he is “malay man” he also know the benefit of green business that not only for current business but for future investment. So, we can conclude that green business’s practices and implementing programs that reduce, reuse and recycle can make business more success and actually save a lot of money. In addition, it a opportunities for business to establish a new position within the market and also the great time to go for green business and position a business as an environmental leader.

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