harrington collection case essay sample 4077

Although Harrington Collection is one of the biggest retail merchants of high-end women’s dress market. gross revenues and borders were the lowest degree that they have of all time seen. Therefore. making a new merchandise line that is active wear is one of options and besides this helps to raise border and gross revenues. On the other manus. if the instance examines in item. it is clear that there is a quandary since the company services high-end section. This means that it addresses limited section. However. the purpose is that doubles gross revenues in between 2007 to 2009. Despite the fact that Harrington Collection manufactures new merchandise line. targeted gross revenues figure is so high that it can non be achieved for 2 old ages. If we compare sale that is 7. 5 million units of active-wear in 2007. it doesn’t do sense that it is 15 million units sale.

In add-on to this state of affairs. Harrington Collection should care about its loyal clients demands. In footings of the researches that they had. most of the active wear section clients prefer to purchase lasting and fit merchandises instead than high quality and premium monetary value merchandises. Furthermore. active wear market has been grown twelvemonth by twelvemonth and with mention to research. it is obvious that the company can non lose its loyal clients. In opposite. it seems like the company will increase the gross revenues. From my point of position. the company should come in the market but they should diminish the outlooks of the gross revenues in between 2007 and 2009.


In footings of strength of the company. Harrington Collection serves superior quality and upper-class manner. Due to the fact that the company is non a start-up company. it is easy to wing out the new merchandise line. Besides. It has already had e-commerce site and advertised the line. Furthermore. the relationship with retail merchants and spouses are strong. Considerable client trueness and knowing gross revenues staffs are another strengths. when the company decides to come in the market. As a failing portion. the company has limited fiscal capablenesss and its gross revenues and border have been diminishing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours for three old ages. Besides. Harrington Collection doesn’t have any outsourcing. These may forestall to increase the gross revenues quickly. Besides. there are many chances of the active wear market. The market has a promising hereafter. In footings of clients. loyal clients desire to purchase active wear apparels.

Furthermore. babe boomers body alteration quickly and they need low-cost. tantrum and expression good apparels since possible purchasers profile and lifestyle have changed twelvemonth by twelvemonth. However. there are of import points that it shouldn’t maintain an oculus out for menaces of the new merchandise line. Although the market is assuring. it will be extremely competitory. Besides. possible clients are non limited merely loyal clients. Therefore. clients are monetary value sensitive. if the company is reflected the new investing in monetary values because the entry cost of the market is high. Additionally. Harrington Collection had produced high quality and premium monetary value merchandises but active wear market goes out of manner in a short clip. Finally. company should be more careful clients desire since the demands of the merchandise may alter fast at the same clip.

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