hawk bag


What is the selling style of the salesperson?

As soon as I reached the stall of Hawk Bags in SM Cubao, their sales representative approached and greeted us with a genuine smile on the face. He first asked my need, if I was looking for a bag for laptop or for a daily use. Undecided I was still to choose a specific bag, the salesman spoke of the quality of the Hawk bags. When he noticed that I was quite more interested with backpacks for women since I moved on that side of the stall, he followed me and showed one of their new designs. He spoke of the bag’s feature, like it is waterproof, light weight and is made of nylon materials, comparing it to ordinary bags, putting it “bag pa lang mabigat na”. He talked about the stitches even. He said that Hawk bags have fine stitches which they refer as “lockstitch” and that their strap stitches are embroidered.

He pulled the bag and pointed these stitches. He showed me the strap’s pad support while explaining that it has dual density foam which is thicker compared to foams used in ordinary bags. He also pointed about the lining that only Hawk bag has, a dura-shield fabric made from Thailand. He also discussed about the service warranty of the bag, that if there’s something to be repaired you have just to go to the nearest SM near you and SM will be the one to forward the bag to the service centers. The service is free but if they are things that need to be altered or replaced that can cost some, customers will be notified through text message and the service centers will also notify customers if the bags are ready for pick-up.

The salesperson discussed about the bag’s feature, demonstrating and explaining it all to me. He stressed on the quality of the bag and service warranty. He offered alternative bag of lower price when I couldn’t seem content with the first bag. All throughout the 15 minutes transaction with him, he kept his smile and enthusiasm, he listened and addressed my concerns. He was aggressive but not to the point that I would be annoyed and walk away.

How do you find the sales service given by the salesperson?

I was very much satisfied with the sales service given by the salesperson. He was very accommodating and very patient. When I was a little quiet at the start of the transaction, he was the one talking, presenting to me the product and its features, asking me questions and these help me to be more open and relaxed afterwards. During the whole transaction, his attention was all in me, he wasn’t easily distracted by other salespeople offering, as a customer this made me feels important.

Was he/she able to handle objections effectively?

I asked about few objections such as if there warranty was really “lifetime” and if their materials were really durable as they claimed. For the warranty, I asked if all kinds of repair are included and if it’s free. His reply was “Hanggang kayang repair Ma’am, because there are instances na indi na kaya ng repair like masunog but if you want to change the cloth baka may charge but for example like the zipper na hindi sumasara, tahi natastas pwede yun Mam. If they are charges Ma’am, the service center will notify you first.” For the durability of the product, he repeated the materials used for the bag. When asked about the replacements of purchased bag. He said that it’s allowed but you have to do replacement of the bag within one month. He handled objections well and was very polite.

Was he/she effective in selling the brand?
I went at Hawk Bags store in SM without knowing about the product. What I only know is that the sell bags. From the salesperson I talked to, I learned that Hawk Bags is a Philippine brand, and that being so makes it more convenient for customers to have their bags repaired since the service centers are just located in the country. He introduced me to the brand and made me well-informed of it. The salesperson stressed that Hawk Bags is a trusted brand for quality bags.

Was he/she effective in selling the bag?
The salesperson talked about the features of the product, its difference from ordinary bags and its benefits. He demonstrates and explains the product in a manner I would understand. He would explain terms like EBA – Ethyl Benyl Acetate, lockstitch, durashield, air flow technology and its benefits. He
would offer alternative designs or show the bag looks when it is filled.

Would you buy the bag assuming that you had the money and need for a bag?
With his patience and knowledge of the product he is selling, absolutely I would buy the bag. The whole time I was transacting with him I felt his genuine enthusiasm to sell the brand. He was all smiles, very accommodating and polite. As a matter of fact, more than the bag’s quality, feature and design, I guess I would buy the bag because of the salesperson. And the least I could do for his kindness that time was to thank him and ask for his name which is Benjie.

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