health and safety of people at work

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) covers the employer and employees responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of people at work and those who are under the care of someone at students training), the act covers work place risk assessment and and the level of First Aid training that need to e place to deal with injuries and illness that can occur in the workplace. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, outlines criteria for those wishing to become First Eiders.

The regulations cover standards of training and syllabus for First Aid qualifications which dictates the training I deliver and the necessary skills, qualifications and competence I must have as a trainer, including maintaining own qualifications (HOSE 2013 a). Health and Safety Executive (201 3 b) states I have a legal responsibility to report any injuries that occur during training if a student requires hospitalizing. Equality Act (2010), which governs that I treat anyone with respect and dignity, irrelevant of gender,race,sexual orientation, religion, belief, age or disability and the training must be accessible to all.

Relevant codes of practice to my role, i. E. Department of Education (2011) covers adapting teaching to respond to the strength and needs of students, planning well structured lessons, providing a safe learning environment. Sulfate Awards (2012) that I deliver effective training that meets the standards of Sulfate Awards, follow complaints procedure and have the attributes of a trainer. Resuscitation Council UK (2014) Code of conduct, achieve consistent standards of knowledge and skills, behave in a responsible manner, cooperate with others and avoid any abuse of position.

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The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Guidance on Regulations. 3rd Edition. ALL. HOSE Books. Health and Safety Executive (2013 b) Reporting Accidents and Incidents at Work. A brief guide to the Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrence Regulation 2013 (RIDDED). INDIAN (rev 1). HOSE Books Resuscitation Council (UK) (2014) Code of Conduct. Resuscitation Council (U K). London. Sulfate Awards (2012) Centre Information. Second revision, London

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