healthy fast food restaurants are gaining in popularity

This marketing effort has been driven by consumer demand. People wanted good tasting food at a reasonable price and they wanted it as quickly as possible. Consumers and fast-food establishments are now realizing the health risks involved with this type of thinking when it comes to food choices (Matador, 2013). Consumer demand is now shifting from taste to taste and health. My suggestion is this. McDonald’s should add teas, healthy smoothies, and salad combination meals to their menu.

Healthy fast-food restaurants are gaining in popularity and are eventually going to affect McDonald’s profit margins. McDonald’s needs more healthy choices on their menu (Shank Lie, 2014). Tea is becoming most popular in the United States (U. S. ). Tea sales have grown in the U. S. Racket from just under $2 billion to $10 billion in just twenty years’ time. The demand for tea is growing at a faster rate than coffee (Freedman, 2014). McDonald’s restaurants offer value meals at a discounted price but no healthy value meals are offered.

To order the healthy menu items separate costs the consumer a little more money than a combination meal would. This gives the consumer the idea that healthier meals cost more and that McDonald’s does not care about their consumers demand for health (Shank Lie, 2014). Page Three Healthy fast-food restaurants are gaining in popularity and already starting to sake a good size share of the market. Restaurants such as Life Kitchen, Tender Greens, and Veggie Grill are growing and expanding at a rapid pace because of the demand for healthy and tasty fast-food choices.

These restaurants offer salads, teas, and smoothies at competitive prices to what McDonald’s offers (Shank Lie, 2014). Fast-food has always been a popular and novel idea in the U. S. And the demand is high but consumers also want healthy choices. McDonald’s has always answered the call of consumer demand but is now falling behind and if they do to commit to healthier choice options on their menu they will ultimately loose revenue to competing healthy fast-food restaurants (Matador, 2013).

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