History 1302

Writing Assignment #1

Primary Source Documents

After reading the three primary source documents labeled #1, write an essay that engages with how some Americans thought about race in the American South after the Civil War. What do these documents say about both white and African American culture? Is there equality? If so, how? If not, what is causing this disparity? Use the documents as evidence to back your claims.

In the introduction, summarize race relations in the United States as caused by the Civil War. You can use letures, lecture notes, and the textbook. In the introduction, all you have to do in three of four sentences is provide the background for how you plan to address the questions. At the end of the introduction form and argument. For example: In this paper I’m going to argue that race in the American South after the Civil War was shaped by power through race codes, lynching and assimilation.

In the body of the paper you should write a paragraph that address the three ideas ideas you outlined in your thesis statement (in my example that would be race codes, lynching, and assimilation). Make sure you give solid examples and evidence from the documents to back your claims. 

In the conclusion, take the opposite position then your argument. For example, I argued that power shaped race through power and violence, but we can also see that for a moment, African Americans were also very empowered. Not only were African Americans give equal rights to vote and own property, but many received an education and went on to contribute to the political, social, and economic development of the United States.

Your paper needs to be at least 1,000 words or 3-4 pages. 

Before turning in your paper make sure to set aside a time to proofread your work. Watch out for passive voice and any mechanical errors. Also, format your paper with 1” margins and double-space the entire paper. No quadruple spacing between paragraphs.

Due at 8 pm today. 

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