higgs boson particle

This article, while not wholly focused on the Higgs Boson particle in itself, discusses the possible consequences or effects that this discovery might have on other subjects. As the research continues to progress, the existence of this controversial particle is further reinforced, as the pot continues to be stirred. Like a drop of water falling into a stagnant pool, this breakthrough has definitely disturbed the momentary peace between science and religion. The debate has been somewhat reignited, and the fuel is more potent than it has ever been, for the stakes have never been higher.

The everlasting notion of a higher being or God is being seriously threatened, and the religious faiths are fighting to protect it. To help understand the importance of this topic, it may help to provide a brief explanation on the God Particle, which the article does insufficiently. The Higgs Boson particle, better known as the God Particle, is the last remaining piece in the Standard Model in physics. The Standard Model explains the interactions and functions of “elementary particles” with other forces. However, for about a half century there remained an unexplainable hole in the theory.

No where does the model explain how particles actually acquire their own mass, and come into existence. While the particle in question is not yet confirmed to be the Higgs Boson particle, it has been confirmed that the qualities and functions are similar. Scientists have simply deemed it Higgs-like. In simplified terms, we know how particles work/interact, but we don’t know exactly why/how the particles come into existence. As some of the basic components of living objects, it would certainly not hurt to attempt to understand the nature of these complicated particles.

Aside from the obvious fact that physics is a neighboring field of science, there are many ways in which this article/topic is relevant. As a study of life/living organisms, Biology can both include and encourage the discovery of the God particle. Life, here, is simply being studied at a microscopic level. There is an undeniable connection seen in the fact that scientists are attempting to further understand the building blocks of life. Atoms and subatomic particles exist in every corner of the earth, and a basic understanding of how that matter came to be would create some universal scientific enlightenment.

To discover one Higgs particle is to discover them all. It is not so much about the particles’ function, as it is about the confirmation of the particle itself. Biology, being the core study of life and living organisms, must pay attention to all aspects of a life, including origin, evolution, and function. To know ho wan object/being came into existence is to know the very basis of its’ creation. This research/study only promotes and encourages a further understanding of life. There is a so-called Higgs field in which particles cycle and travel at high speeds.

For lack of a better simplification, one might say the particles are moving too fast for the human eye to catch. Higgs particles inhabit the field, and attempt to attach onto passing particles. As the particles gain mass and begin to slow, more particles may attach, and the particle is slowed enough to a point where the accumulation of mass becomes an existing organism/object. In other words these particles encourage interaction between the masses, and allow a mass of particles to come into being outside of an invisible field of cycling particles.

Basic interaction starts at the subatomic level, and anything studied at a level this specific can surely be applied throughout the human life. This particular article had an outstanding importance not only because of it’s once-in-a-lifetime scientific discovery status, but because it affects more worlds than just the realm of science. The discovery of this new “God Particle” would serve as a potential explanation to the basis and fundamentals of life, but stirs up an overflow of controversy at the same time. This discovery directly addresses the most asked, answered, and avoided question of all time; how did mankind come to be?

No one can deny the creation and purpose of religion, in a world once ruled by faith and unanswered questions, but the world we live in today is enlightening. Questions are always being answered, and science is a force with an unstoppable amount of momentum. While religion remains an ever-apparent global influence, the denial of fact backed by scientific evidence is unwise and unfair. Catholicism, as a top contender for the most powerful religious influence (I mean they have the Pope), is at the risk of losing all credibility. The idea of an almighty creator would be forever disproved, and some if not many followers would lose faith.

As much as one would like to believe in alternatives, the facts will never change. Discretion between religious parties already occurs frequently, and most matters resort to violent outcomes. Would would happen when a once mighty religion is brought down from its foundation? This article genuinely piqued my interest in seeing how the world would react. A scientist may ask a devout christian to prove the existence of God, and the Christian would be unable to do so. Just the same, the christian may ask the scientist to disprove his notion of God, and the scientist would also be unable to do so.

Neither side would really truly be able to disprove the other, and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement to disagree. However, this discovery could forever change the ball-game, tipping it wholly towards science’s favor. It’s arguable that this particle is in no way related to the questioning of said religion, but it’s discovery will surely cause followers to question their religious ideologies. The only other widely accepted explanation among the masses is God, and as runner up to the idea of the God particle in terms of real support, it may be necessary to pit to the two theories against each other.

What seems most interesting may be the fact that the topic in question is not being approached from a moral/ethical/humanitarian standpoint. Though it would be difficult to approach this topic with the aforementioned attitude, often times scientific breakthroughs still are. This is quite possibly the most socially controversial issue to be discussed since the mentioning of potential human cloning, but for once the opposition was not created in light of a new discovery. In other words I enjoy the fact that this is not being opposed completely by the people, but by an establishment, and one of the most controversial ones at that.

A group can often times come together and create a cause/opposition to a current world issue, but it is rare for a world issue to be in direct conflict with an already established and powerful group. This debate is surely going to continue until the absolute confirmation of the Higgs particle and its’ functions, but I am wholly interested in finding out how this situation is resolved. Perhaps there really may only be one explanation for the existence/creation of mankind.

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