hist101-final paper—5 pages

topic:The Rise and Fall of Southern Republican Parties, 1867-1877

•       You are to pick a subject that is within the scope of the course: American History to 1877. Do not ask to write about something that does not occur within the time frame of the course. You may write a biographical study of someone you want to know more about; or you may choose a subject such as “The Naval War with Britain during the War of 1812.” Students are requested NOT to write about the Salem Witchcraft Trials. If you are interested in the phenomenon of witchcraft Prof. Hall will provide you with resources encompassing the reality of witchcraft, not the aberration of Salem.

•       o    Please be cognizant of the realistic writing required to competently cover the subject. Do not ask to write about the Civil War. A subject such as that cannot be competently covered in 5-6 pages; rather chose an aspect of the Civil War that can be managed within the length requirements of the essay, such as The Rise of U.S. Grant: Forts Henry and Donaldson. If you would like assistance choosing a topic Prof. Hall can suggest topic, but it is much better if you chose something in which you truly have an interest

•      o    Students are required to write a minimum of full 5 pages (this does not include citations -end notes or foot notes, or the Bibliography); please keep the essay to no more than 6 pages. Format: Doubled-spaced, typed, font in Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 point font with 1-inch margins all around, cover page, citations (Chicago Manual of Style, Notes Bibliography Format is the only format for citations  and sources allowed)

•      o    Written work for this course is to be submitted as one file in either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Cover and sources pages do not constitute numbered pages. All of the essay including title page, citations and bibliography MUST be included in one file when turned in.

•       o    This project will require fieldwork – using the library, the Internet, etc. Sources must be cited. You MUST cite your sources using the

•       oChicago Manual of Style NOTES/BIBLIOGRAPHY format. This is the only citation format allowed; you will fail your paper if you do not follow explicit instructions given to you regarding the citation format used. You will be provided with a style sheet to guide your formatting of citations and Bibliography.

•       o    Why a paper? Students will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of historical inquiry and writing. Reading is a significant part of any historical project. Students selecting a topic must include at least four sources; two must be primary sources (diaries, speeches, autobiographies, royal decrees, etc.) on which they will base the essay. Do not (this means NEVER) cite the textbook or online encyclopediassuch as Wikipedia, Britannica, Encarta in your paper;You may make use of journal articles, government documents, newspapers, magazines,  and books available through Virtual Library via Campus Connect.

•       o    Consider this project as an important reflection of your expertise and interest in the topic

•       o    Ultimately each student is responsible to submit a clear, concise and compelling essay

•       o    A guideline on how to organize the paper is posted as Written Assignment Guidelines in the Resources Folder accessed from the “Resources” menu button

•       o    You MUST follow all of the Written Assignment Guidelines when writing not only your paper, but all written assignment for this course:

•       oYour paper will have a title page; see the Written Assignment Guidelines for what each title page will contain

•       o    Be sure that you follow the following conventions for everything you write about in this course including Discussion Boards

•       oDo not Hedge –

•       o  Do not write: “It seems as though…” or “It appears as though…”

•       o  If you cannot write it with certainty, then do not include it in your essay

•       oDo not use Contractions

•       o  In formal essays you do not write with contractions

•       o  It will make you sound smarter to those who read your essay if you abjure the use of contractions

•       o  Do not use contractions when writing your essay

•       oDo Not write in the first or second person

•       o  Your name will be on your title page

•       o  With your name on the title page it is redundant to write: “I believe…” or “I think…”

•       o  This is your essay, everything you write in it is what you believe or think so there is absolutely no reason for you to ever write in the first or second person

•       o  Failure to follow this guideline will result in a failing grade for your essay.

•       oAlways write in the correct tense: That is the past tense for history

•       o  History took place in the past – you will only write about history using the past tense

•       o  Do not follow the lead of The History Channel or CNN and write about the past as though it is taking place in the present

•       oSize DOES NOT EQUATE with importance

•       o  Do not use words such as huge or big when writing about the importance of something: “It was a huge moment in Jim’s life.”

•       o  Instead write more correctly: “It was an important moment in Jim’s life.” or “It was a key moment in Jim’s life.” “It was a major moment (if you want to be alliterative) in Jim’s life.”

•       o  Using a word that denotes size to denote importance is not appropriate in formal writing

•       o  Please pay attention to this and write accordingly.

•       oFollow these requirements – failure to follow these guidelines will result in failure of your essay

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