History 1306 Signature Assignment

Choose a primary source from the list provided choose (1) from Primary Sources Chapters 21-28). A primary source is “raw history,” i.e., a document or object produced during the historical period in question. The selection must pertain to the historical period or subject of the course.

Common Prompt:

What does your primary source, suggest about the particular time and place in which it was produced? Consider the assumptions and audience of the source’s author or creator. Support your analysis with specific evidence from the primary source(s) under examination. Include a thesis in your introduction.       

Common Style:

            Typewritten, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font

            Length – 300 words minimum

            Documentation: Common Style

Common Instruction on Academic Honesty:

            To meet the standards for Academic Honesty:

  • Cite your sources consistently throughout your paper (rule of thumb: at least one citation per paragraph, except perhaps for introduction and conclusion)

  • Cite your source for any statement or quotation that is not common knowledge.

  • Place quotation marks around phrases/sentences that represent the words of someone else

  • Use proper paraphrasing rather than poor paraphrasing (which is plagiarism)

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