You are required to quote your textbook twice AND ONE OTHER outside scholarly secondary source once in each Wiki Assignment to support your analysis. You are also required to quote TWO of the primary documents from the Mindtap site for the textbook AND ONE OTHER primary source document of your choosing from an outside source to support your content as well. THESE SOURCES MUST ALL BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED AND VETTED IN YOUR ESSAY. Doing the assigned participation activity will help you perform this properly.  PLEASE cite these sources appropriately according to my instructions. You must also give me a properly formatted Works Cited. A sample Wiki entry has been provided here: (This is from a World History Class in a different text so adjust to meet requirements for this class)

The text book is called:Brief tenth edition a people&a nation Volume I:1877

4. “Shoulda, Woulda, Couldas” ~ alternate histories with alternate endings            This is probably one of my favorite themes in history. What would have happened differently in the future course of history IF one important change were made to its past? IF ONLY HITLER HAD BEEN FATALLY WOUNDED IN WWI instead of recovering, OR if he had died from the gassings of the trenches in WWI. Would there have even been a WWII? Would there have been  60+ million lives lost in WWII? Would there have been a Holocaust? When you use this theme, you need to first discuss the actual history and then propose a viable alternate history based on a possible course change in the events. It has to be a plausible alternative.

5. Role of Economics in History ~ “money makes the world go around” or does it?            If I have said it once, I have said it a MILLION times = money DRIVES politics ~ it is NOT the other way around. Most actions of human beings, if not all, have an economic desire behind them, whether for food, land, power, security, etc., humans labor and toil to accomplish a goal that is always rooted in a desired end = using scarce resources, which have alternative uses, to achieve profitable results. When the early Islamic Empires conquered the known world, it was more desirable NOT to force Christians and Jews to convert, because as Dhimmi they were taxed at a much higher rate. So, less conversion = more money in taxes, therefore religious tolerance in early Islamic caliphates had an economic return.

6. GREED & POWER ~ Who has it? How do they get it? What do they do with it? Why do we care?            Is there anyone ever born in the history of the world who is NOT greedy, at least a little bit? Hunger makes us greedy for food. Poverty makes us greedy for riches. I work to make money so I can afford the things in life I need and enjoy. You all are furthering your education to do that same thing. But when the normal human level of greed multiplies like a cancer and produces a lust for power, the very worst in human behavior occurs. Genghis Khan is a good example = through ruthless behavior he united all the tribes of the steppes and built the largest land empire the world has ever known – but he lusted after China with its rich rice paddies and advances in culture and wealth. He fought his way up from poverty and tribal slavery to being recognized as the punishing flail of God, but he was forever irked that he could not conquer China after many attempts. It would be his grandson, Kublai Khan that succeeded where Genghis did not.


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