History Paper

History paper due:

– Monday, Feb 27, 2017 BEFORE 12:30 pm eastern time (USA)



– Times Roman 12 pt font

– Double spaced

– 2-3 pages 

– I have 15 different articles. What I need is to use FOUR of them to tie together a general subject such as racism. I have to use all FOUR articles (of your choice) and relate to that subject(also of your choice). Examples of some topics that can be used as my general subject are: Racism, Civil Rights, Imperalism, Presidents at the time, Immigration. The list goes on forever

– Also, after each article is used in the paper, you need to BREIFLY summarize the article then connect.

– I will send all of the articles once I have talked and gone through the handshake process.

Thanks again!!!

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