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During the nineteenth century there was a rise of many ideals three of which were nationalism, socialism, and liberalism.  The one I believe affected the first half of the century the most was socialism. Even though liberalism played a very large role in the influence of the initial revolution during the enlightenment period, the plight of the people and the unbalance in how people were treated ultimately led to the revolutions that took place in 1848. There needed to be a balance between the upper class and the lower and socialism attempts to implement that ideal as much as possible. There was a point where people could not at one point afford bread but were still expected to pay taxes. While the enlightenment ideals surely pushed the people to want change, there was not enough influence to create a successful revolution. Once that had failed and people of power once again took over, the need for fairness and equality took place of those ideals.

The revolution of 1848 focused on providing for those who were unable to take care of themselves. Homes for veterans of labor, promise of labor to all citizens, and working men entering into associations in order to enjoy the advantage of their labor are some examples of the reforms that took place. For the people by the people and some of these examples seem as though France had created the original worker’s unions by how the workers were able to enter into associations (Busek). Even though there were many liberal reforms in place it was socialism that drove this change. The need for balance and equality overcame what was once a controlling empire.

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