hope for the flowers

“ You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. ” -Trina Paulos Each person has different desires in life, what does it take for one to achieve it? Will you give up to the different struggles that may come your way? Will you be like Stripe and let others step on you or will you step up and be the one to oppress the others without even understanding your goals? Why do others take delight in hurting other people’s feeling in order to get to the top where self fulfillment is nowhere to be found?

Will you just go with the flow ? Have you taken a break and tried to understand if you really want what you are doing? These are some of the questions that came up to my mind after reading this uplifting book, but I was able to realize as well the perks of seeing both sides of the story. It is full of values that is suited for all ages. Making your own convictions is one of the most dominant lesson that was depicted by the story. Stripe and Yellow represents us .

Like Stripe, we are prone in making decisions in order to join the bandwagon though we are not fully aware of the consequences we might face and it may contradict our precepts and regret it at the end. Yellow on the other hand,was able to make her own convictions and was able to realize her full potential by searching for her own self-fulfillment as a butterfly. Hope, a word that is commonly referred as a desire accompanied by an expectation, but for me , it is something that links our dreams with reality. It is seemed to be as the primary theme of the book.

It motivates us to realize our full potential ,we must not be afraid to stand by our own precepts and search for our own fulfilment because each person is unique and we all have differences, there are just others who were brave enough to accept another path in each others’ journeys and find their own fulfilment much earlier than other and in order to inspire others as well . It also showed that we should be humble enough to realize that God has a better plans for us. The book shows that through the struggles we may face, we will realize the what was really destined for us.

Through this literary gem, I was able to understand that I might be like Stripe as well, that I’m still struggling to find what I really want to be, but I should never be afraid to be like Yellow,to stand by my principles so I could be a butterfly in God’s perfect time , when I come to the phase where I really would want to fly so much that I will be willing to give up being a caterpillar and we must not climb and hurt others because we are all capable of flying and inspire a lot more than we could have imagined.

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