how little things make a big difference

One of the things that American literature does to define America and its culture itself is to reflect the reasons why America displays in today’s society. Literature reflects society by pre-existing concepts and ideas. This is why Malcolm Gladwell writes The Tipping Point in which discusses about events that people make in the past and how past experiences can lead people to make inform decisions very quickly. The Tipping Point changes the way people in America think about selling products and disseminating ideas. According to Gladwell, “I don’t really think of myself as an outlier. This quote reflects to how majority of our citizens behaves in our society because of the fact that there are people who consider themselves as outliers based upon their race, appearance, and their culture. This situation also displayed in Malcolm X’s life and his point of view of what America is all about. Just like Malcolm X, he put the blame on the white man to think that they were the ones who ruin America. However, America’s problem is us citizens from the past, present, and in the future. Most people don’t understand that we are the reason for making America the way how it turned out to be.

Most of our citizens can not acknowledge the fact of which they are as a person and how their actions reflect our society. Even though we have over seven billion people living on Earth today, there is only a few who are willing to change not America but how people should view themselves as equal by having freedom, justice, and a future. This is why in life those who made a change in our world, they made some noise. Gladwell’s piece the Tipping Point discusses ideas of how little things can make a big difference.

Due to the fact that little causes can have big effects and that changes happens not gradually but at one dramatic moment. According to Lynn Richardson, “Gladwell provided a map to describe how ideas travel through word-of-mouth and connections, which he dubbed connectors, mavens, and salesmen. ” This statement is true because in the tipping point Malcolm discusses about the law of the few such as connectors, salesmen, and mavens. In life people have different views in situations because everyone is different in their own way.

However, what our nation does not realize is that every single person on earth is a well connector, a well salesman, or a well maven. When it comes to connectors it is important to have good connections when it comes to looking for jobs. The importance of connectors is a function in which suggests the kind of people they know. According to Malcolm Gladwell its best to have more acquaintances then friends because acquaintances are most likely to represent a source of social power; Gladwell states that, “The more acquaintances you have, the more powerful you are. For those in life who are successful is because they had more acquaintances then “friends” that made a big difference in their life. When it comes to mavens, mavens are those who have information on a lot of different products or prices or places. In other words maven is a person that solves other people’s problems by generally solving his/her problems. According to Gladwell, “The fact that mavens want to help, for no reason than because they like to help, turns out to be an awfully effective way of getting someone’s attention. The reason behind this quote is the fact that realistically people do not care about other people’s problem nor have any tension of feeling sorry for a bad situation of what someone is going through. A salesman plays a big role in our society. There are the ones who have the skills to do whatever they can into persuading people of what our nation are unconvinced of what we want to hear. Salesmen’s make a big differences in society’s lives due to the fact that those who enthusiasm for a product, can sends it sales spiraling upward.

According to Gladwell, “Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen play their most important role. They are the ones who make it possible for innovations to overcome this problem of the chasm. ” This statement is true because connectors, mavens, and salesmen take the ideas from a specialized world and translate it in a way for our nation to understand. What also makes a big difference in our world and always will is racism. Racism mostly plays a role towards African-American because of their appearance, their actions, culture, and morals.

For every stereotype or racist comments and actions that goes towards blacks, negroes, or whatever how the white man view us in our society always goes back to slavery. Even though slavery is an emotional topic to discuss about, we individuals need to understand that slavery should be a life lesson for African-American to understand because our nation needs to understand that we are all equal and individuals that should not be controlled by another human being, even though that still goes on today.

The idea of being controlled in a negative term towards other human beings shows that for most people have neither future for themselves nor no justice. This is the reason why most people wind up doing negative actions such as drugs, killing, joining bad gangs, and raping. Malcolm Gladwell’s view point on racism is that he believes that the cultural conditioning is a huge part of what we individuals have become. According to Ruth Henriquez, “He would be racist if he were saying that one’s biological race such as Asian, Black, Native American, etc. were the principle determining factors in one’s life. This statement is true because of the fact that it is not just African-American’s, Hispanics, or Asian’s that have a cultural problem in America, it is all the race that are not white Americans. Despite of this situation, it is unusual to think about how in America we black or Hispanics are viewed as minorities, but in a global view us so called minorities have a higher population than the white Americans. Looking at Gladwell’s childhood growing up in England, his parents conquered racial difference based upon their dignity as one another and relative issues.

This situation confused Gladwell about race and also became more complicated for him. In his article Lost in Middle, Gladwell stated that I am not like my parents. I do not have my father’s gift for overcoming social barriers, nor my mother’s gift for appreciating when differences are not relevant. What Gladwell is saying that even though he got his racial culture from his parents, Gladwell himself is different from his mother and his father. This situation can also be defined in our society because yes we have millions of blacks, millions of Jews, millions of Hispanic, and so on- our race doesn’t define who we are its our personality.

Many say that no matter how big our population gets, every person will be as different as anyone else based upon the environment they grew up in and their beliefs. According to Gladwell, “By virtue of my upbringing, I can safely say I am free of racial discrimination; I cannot—without committing an act of extraordinary self-hatred—ever believe that blacks are in any way inferior. ” This statement is true because Gladwell is stating that he not racist and not only that but America should stop viewing blacks that their lower than any other race because in reality, no matter where you came from, what race you are, or your beliefs, one has he right to be seen as a human being that has the same justice, freedom, and equality as everyone else because if there were a lot more people who had the courage to believe that every human has a freedom, then America would have more successful people. When it comes to the understanding of people being successful and what it takes to become successful, one tends to focus too much on their intelligence, ambition, and personality traits.

Despite of that, Malcolm Gladwell discuss about how us in individual should look at the world that surrounds the true meaning of success such as the culture, family, the generation, and the idiosyncratic experiences of the upbringing. Most people have different views on what it takes to become successful. According to Gladwell, “Great people are not so great; their own greatness is not the silent fact about them. ” In the novel outliers, Gladwell uses Bill Gates as an example of an outlier due to the fact that Bill Gates became successful even though he dropped out of college.

Malcolm also mentioned how Bill Gates accumulate the ten thousand hours to strive for the opportunity to become what he always wanted to be based upon his intelligence. Gladwell stated, “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good, it’s the thing you do that makes you good. ” This statement is true because people like Bill Gates and Andrew Carnegie always knew what they wanted to be in order to become successful; but it had to take many practices in order to be good at what they have passion for.

The theory behind this is that Gladwell shows a fascinating way for making the most of human potential by telling people in his book about whose achievements that fall outside of the normal experience and also follow a peculiar and unexpected logic. Malcolm once said that this ten thousands rule is the only human controlled element of the question to success, but the ability to achieve the thousand hours is often determined by forces outside of an individual’s control.

The theory behind this is that it is up to the ones who are willing to take the control in one’s lives to take the time to figure out their talents, hobbies, struggles, strengths, and weakens of who they are as a person in order to know there value on earth. The whole idea of the ten thousand hour is a study of practices in order to achieve the level of being the master within being an expert in anything. Within the idea of great people being not so great, their own greatness only succeeds if not the salient fact about them. Speaking of the fact of us needing more eople to become successful, our American nation needs more women to become successful in life. Women in our society have always been viewed as being lesser than men. Most men in America still believed that the true nature of a man is to be strong and dominate while the true nature of women is to be weak. This statement is correlated in the working fields for the fact that most prestigious careers such as being an engineer, being a lawyer, or being a doctor is challenging for women. This situation is not to be true because in life anything that men can do, women can precede the same career as well.

Gladwell as well agrees with the issue of the fact that women are not to be seen as equal as men and the fact that there are not many women working in prominent fields. Gladwell once said in his interview with Matt Lauer that one of the things about our world and its rules is that for a long time it held women down and so I was looking at fields where women just weren’t where women haven’t been allowed to flourish in the same way. In Outliers, Gladwell talks about how his grandmother and how his grandmother sets an example of a good outlier due to the fact that she has accomplish certain things that most women would not able to do.

Also, Gladwell considers women such as Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Christiane Amanpoor, and Amelia Earhart as outliers because they did something different to our world that most women would not do. What’s unfair about society is how women have to work twice as hard as the men in order to be on their level; the reason that statement is display is because during the ninety’s woman were viewed as either a housewife or a beautiful fool, who cooks, cleans, bares children, and obeys the men needs. However, our world is changing for the fact that there are some women out there who knows that their better than being a stay at home mom.

Women nowadays have a voice to let America know that something needs to be done in our economy. Even though women did receive the right to vote in ninety-twenty, that’s not enough to have power in are hands to make us feel that we have the right to gain as many justice as the men. However, one cannot put all the blame on the men because if women preserve to dress, act, and talk in to a certain negative image, then the males will have no choice than to treat and talk to you in that matter.

Gladwell states, “It will take more time for a woman’s success to be celebrated as a triumph and not looked down upon as an aggressive over achievement, a family’s sacrifice, or a simple fluke. ” This statement is true because for women it takes a while for their success to be known but it takes dedication, hard work, and a voice to be heard in order for the job to be done. Many knows that life is all about the pros and cons and how us individuals make a view point in certain situations rather than a situation that’s about a person, place, or a thing.

In this case, Malcolm Gladwell as we know a person who writes about what life is all about; the reason why such things happens, and what we can do about it and after reading his pieces is makes most individuals view the world in different concepts. When looking at the cons side, Samuel Raphael Franco stated, “For some reason, I found Gladwell’s book disheartening. His socioeconomic analyses often swerve into the area of racist pseudoscience. ” Now, some may agree and some would not however, Gladwell had the courage to write novels like Outliers and the Tipping Point to make people change their view about reality.

For those who do not like Gladwell’s piece cannot do anything but just tolerate the facts about reality. For the pros in which agrees with Malcolm’s ideas for example, cld stated, “Gladwell’s theories were supported by example after example. ” One thing that Gladwell does in his stories is whenever he comes up with an idea; he uses examples to back up his statement in order for the reader to known what Gladwell is talking about. Gladwell’s message was to replace hard work with good luck by taking evidence of cultural and economic stereotypes.

He also makes it clear that success becomes a reality because of hard work; however, people do receive unusual opportunities while those who have a passion of their interest and have great work ethics; those will find the right path which will lead them to success. In addition, in life one must learn to make some noise in order to receive the power of achievements and success. The word noise is use a term for to speak out loud for the people either in the community, state regional, the nation to hear on one’s mind to make a change.

Having a voice should be one of the most important parts in one’s life in order to get far by speaking the truth no matter in any circumstances. The purpose of making a noise within how big things can make a big difference, racism, success, and women are correlates to one another due to the fact of how many individuals view of what America seem to be but not looking at the reality view because realistically majority are in the illusion of the American dream.

In terms of how small things make a big difference; the small things which are racism and women make a big difference in America back then and now. Racism and the women’s situation of being lower than men will always be a problem because people who any type of race besides white Americans will never acknowledge the fact that they have a problem with themselves and the only people they should blame is their selves.

As for the women, majority are caught in the illusion of acting any type of way just to impress others rather than impressing themselves. Malcolm Gladwell’s elegance and popular theories about modern life have turned many viewers of how life really works either in a positive way or negative way. His ideas and uses of words are very critical but also simple in order for the readers to understand his view point.

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