how to balance athletics and academics


This analytical essay presents information about importance and sometimes difficulty of trying to balance participating in extracurricular activities (namely High school sports) and at the same time getting good grades. The bibliography appends one source in APA format.

How to Balance Athletics and Academics


     Athletics are basically a collection of sports events. They are basically activities that are inclusive of sports, exercises, and sports competition, that have need of physical talent and endurance.  It is also inclusive of the principles or system of training and practice for such activities. An athlete is a person who takes part in athletics. The terms student athlete is frequently used to depict a member of the learner body at an institute as well as an associate of one of the schools athletic squads. This can not be considered as a label that takes in students who play recreational sports for the duration of their relaxation time; this expression is used for those students who divide their time amid athletics and academics. Engaging in athletics tends to have its advantages and disadvantages.

Athletics and Academics

     For college level athletes, engaging themselves into a sport usually begins as something fun which later turns into their passions. If they become regular atheltes at their school or college, they usually find it extremely hard to create a balance between athletics and academics. The departments of athletics in most schools, colelges etc usually have their own set guidelines regarding to the ways in which athletes have to make sure that they inform their professors about their schedules as well as their missed classes. They have to make sure that they hand in a copy of their athletics schedules and the classes that they have missed to their professors. It is said that, “Many professors are flexible, but do not take advantage of their understanding. Make sure you turn in assignments in on time. You may want to find a “buddy” in class so that you can get notes from classes you miss. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sets regulations aimed at keeping athletes eligible. However, in the end, it is the student’s responsibility to remain in good standing on and off the field. The NCAA has a GPA minimum of 2.1 for eligibility, but some schools or coaches may set a higher GPA minimum. Make sure you are aware of your school or sport’s policy” (Bezbatchenko, 2000).

     It is very common that a vast number of athletes have schedules that are completely full, so time management for them is an extremely important factor. Even though they have limited time they should make sure that they find out some time in between schoolwork and athletics practice to get fresh before getting back to work. It is imperative to take out time to get fresh so that one may concentrate completely on school work. Student-athletes more oftenly have trouble deciding as to which course they should take and which they should not and also their timings. Very frequently, it is believed that coaches condemn their students from taking classes in the afternoon. A vast number of student-athletes find that their professors are very accomodating when it comes to putting up with their demanding athletic schedules, but on the other hand some athletes at times have found that their grades usually get affected in a very negative manner because they had to miss an umber of classes.

But one should not get intimidated by these aspects. Playing sports is fun and is just like any other activity in college that one dedicates time to. Even though joining a sports team is not something that everyone can manage, but it must be given a thought by nearly everyone. Harmonizing athletics and academics usually helps to uphold psychological, bodily and emotional health; so, if a student can join a team as well as put up with academics then it is something that should be tried by the person.


  In the light of the above disucssion we can hereby culminate that balancing athletics and sports is hard but it can be accomplished.


Bezbatchenko, A. (2000). Academics and Atheltics. College View. 2000. Pp.1.

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