how to become a orthodontist

My dream has always been to open my own Orthodontist / dental office two in one the reason for this is that the medical filed is always growing and will always have a need and a demand for employment. This demand is growing with the world around us more people are care more and more about their looks and how they look to the world. There will all ways be a need for an orthodontist / dentistry. With every conversation starting with a smile and every word ending with a nice whit grin people will always won’t to find ways to make their teeth brighter, and straighter the gap is out now it’s all about felling confident and looking confident.

But to start this company I will need to plan it out. First my orthodontist / dentist will be ran as a partnership the reason for doing this is to help with the responsibility of running the company and with it being a orthodontist office and a dentist there are going to be a lot more rules and regulations then a normal dentistry or orthodontist office would not have. This partnership will open the door for everyone to be able to play apart on the organizing and running of the company setting goals and dealing with paper work and expanse and also help in taking on some of the company liability.

Secondly with the company being run in a partnership lay out there will be no need for a manager and most orthodontist office and dentistry do not have managers they have business manager this is a person who drives the work of others in order to run a business efficiently. With a business manager me and my partners will be able to relax a little know that the company outlook is in good hand. With a business manager we as partners can start seeking and coming up with a plan to hire employees.

Thirdly an orthodontist / dentistry has a large need for employees to start the business will need some medical assistant, a person assistant for each doctor that will be works in the office to help them stay on top of their time and keep the business moving forward. We will also need some dental assistant to start prep and take care of the miner jobs like cleaning, and also human rescores office and its staffing so that they can help with the hiring of employees and need for workers and keeping them happy, and an accountant to work closely with the business manager to keep track of spending.

Also there will be a need for a company marketing team to help without look and pulling in customers. With this line up of employee the company will be able to run smoothly and the way we will find and interview these employees will be by 3 step interview this involves testing, face to face interview, and a test of your skills. These tests will find out each person who is working in the company strong point and weakness so that we can all play off each other, and offering the employees the ability to voice their opens in the company.

Do to the facts that they are the once who will be start the repor with the customs and we as doctors are the ones who builds off it. Then after all that organizing and planning it will be time to start marketing the company. From this point ill pull together my partners and the marketing team, and look for their help in come up with ways to get are name and our company out there in the town , city, and the world and some of my ideas that I would bring up is. starting partnerships with companies like Wal-Mart , Publix and may be even school like Polk State College offering discounts to their employees .

In doing this, this will rapidly increase are customer in tack in a shorter amount of time, because companies will be send there employees to us and there employee will then talk about us to their friend, and family give us a good second hand source, and these people will want to come see for their slaves and hopefully staying. Also working with Medicaid and Medicare to offer help to need family’s, and students will also allow us to get are hand in on the government money that is out there.

As we open the doors of our company offering a very open scheduling this allowing customers to play a part in there visit and may be get business from other business that customers are just not happy with the service time and also putting up build boards about are company. Then finally, but the most import part will be finding, and getting the money to start all of this. To do this I will get my pertness together, and start looking for loans from banks. First time business owns and also government aid. Government aid, because we will be working with Medicaid and Medicare, this will open the door for more money and grants.

Also by finding business that will invest in our company to become partners and receive discounts for their employees. Along with looking and find loans and grants we also will look for a great cheap location. Like old fire house to open the practice in. A Fire house because they are usually in a great location that is reachable by all in the city and they are big giving us room for the company and its need, and also because they are usually for sale cheap and will not need to much work because the government has good up keep with their property’s and will be very willing to sell and we save money on building expanse in the long run.

With this great company I will be able to live out my dream of becoming an orthodontist and also helping out the community. Yes, I know it still need a little more work but it is a great start for my orthodontist / dental office. As a great man once side, “you can have nothing without work, and without work you will have no glory”. So I plan on working heard and building my business plane till it gets better and better but you have to start some were.

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