how to lose weight without losing your mind

Over the years, people have spent a lot of time debating, discussing and sometimes battling over the pros and cons of virtually all diets products and programs available in our society. One of the critical issues has been to understand a diet with short term weight loss results without any serious health consequences. Research shows that virtually in a fort night, there is a new diet that comes up.

Yet with all these debates people are not losing weight. Not only are friends, relatives, and individuals driving themselves crazy, but they are exposing themselves into mind and body damages by consumption of these diets and pills.In today’s society, we are bombarded with weight loss products and programs. Almost every fast food restaurant has a dollar menu.

Meaning it is even easier to eat something unhealthy versus eating a nice healthy meal that cost more. Getting a fried chicken sandwich or a hamburger is about a dollar at most fast food restaurants but to get a salad is about four dollars. Statistics shows 63 % of adults in America are overweight and 34% of minors are overweight because of a lack of physical activity and terrible eating habits.People tend to drink more soft drinks and snack on sweets rather than eating our correct servings of vegetables and fruits.

Exercising, eating healthier, and minimizing stress are good healthy ways of losing weight without so much dieting which can cause malnutrition. All of these suggestions sound good but losing weight is tough because it requires time and a little self-discipline. Everywhere you look, it’s low-fat this and reduced calories that. It seems every other commercial is advertising some miracle diet pill or program.

I have taken the pills, tried the diets, even cabbage soup, and spent an enormous amount of money on programs to help me. Finally one day after stepping on the scales and seeing that after a week of dieting I had not lost one pound, I started thinking about metabolism. I knew metabolism had to do with the rate in which your body uses up or “burns calories”. So I learned that if you have a higher metabolism, you burn calories faster than consume them, making you lose weight.

Here are just a few simple steps to consider as you battle with your metabolism.I know exercise is most definitely not a word that most dieters wants to even think about. Unfortunately there is no pill that melts away, except the ones that make your heart stop and cause stroke. You do not always feel the burn to make some progress.

Going for a walk before or after a pill will help you digest your food better. Also hit the gym with your lady friends and lift light weights for just a few minutes a day; this will help burn fat and build muscle. Riding a bicycle is very easy and it provides oneself with a great exercise. First and foremost the important thing when losing weight is to focus on eating habits.

Fried foods and sweets are the foods that cause rapid weight gain so a cut back on those foods will surely help. Replacing soda and fruit drinks with water is a start and eating low whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits, and protein. Eating less and healthier may automatically cause one to lose weight without exercising because one’s body is now having less intake on those foods that are causing excess weight gain. Additionally, keeping note of calories that day helps with trying to eat fewer calories.

Trying to eat 300 to 500 calories less a week can help lose 10 pounds yearly.If more calories are slowly weight gain will start to occur. Although, if more calories are conserved than burnt weight gain will begin with approximately one pound every one to two weeks. Substituting a soda for a glass of water can save a person 97 calories daily.

An individual doesn’t have immediately cut out all bad eating habits but one can actually start with a piece of fruit instead of cake two days out the week. The first step is to know the amount of calorie that one should be eating every day in order to loose, gain, or maintain your weight.It is important to watch what you eat in your diet. It is true that so many people do not have an idea of the amount of calories in the meal of their favorite food.

Chances are that one can end up with much more calories than is recommendable in your meals. A simple advice is to read the nutrition labels of whatever one is eating, take the calories in account and to stick to the recommended size. It is also good to look at counter check the labels when one is purchasing foodstuffs in the grocery store. E.

g. consider taking the whole piece of fruit instead of taking fruit juices.Cutting down on calories may mean eating less but it does not have to be painful as is the trend. To avoid losing your mind, you can minimize the caloric intake of what you eat by eating healthy and choose water rather than soft drink.

The second step is to exercising to lose weight can be expensive, if you don’t do your research. Most exercise plans cause for gym equipment, memberships, video tapes, and clothing. These expenses can be lowered by finding an alternative exercise, which doesn’t cause for purchasing Items.Dancing and step aerobics can be done in your own home, avoiding membership fees.

Unlike exercising, dieting doesn’t require equipment to lose weight. Dieting requires nutritious food, that’s low in calories. Dieting can get expensive, if you choose to lose weight by taking pills. Diet pills are required to be taken over a long period.

To avoid these expenses, you should choose a healthy eating plan that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Exercising has its benefits. There are many exercises you can do to maintain good health.Some examples are, walking, running, aerobics, and weight training.

These exercises prevent obesity; reduce the risk of dying from heart disease. Compared to dieting, if you don’t exercise; this doubles your risk of having heart disease. Exercise prevents high blood pressure and controls blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. One big difference in exercising to lose weight, is exercising lowers the risk of colon cancer in women who have gone through menopause.

Metabolism has to do with the rate at which your body either uses or burns the calories.This means that if one has a higher metabolism, then they are likely to burn calories faster that they consume them. Many people have lost their mind in this area by using pills that claimed to raise metabolism, trying ineffective diet programs and by spending more money than they can really afford, only to find out that they have not lost a pound of fat after an entire week of dieting. To avoid such experiences natural metabolism boosters such as tasty or strawberry are recommended.

Eating and drinking the natural metabolism boosters alongside the ordinary diet that one usually eats helps.It is worth noting that if some of these foods are not prepared correctly, they do not give the right results and worse still they can be harmful. Some of the natural metabolism boosters include; Apple’s Cider Vinegar – Flax-seed Oil; Flaxseed – Water; Proteins such as Beef meat, Eggs, mutton, Salmons, & Whey Proteins such as Kale; Berries such as Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry which is also called Almonds; Spelt such as Yoghurt; Chromium; GLA – L- Methionine; Herbs and Spices which include Cayenne, Cinnamon, Cloves, Dried Mustard seeds, Garlic and Gingers; Oregon’s Grape Roots.A person is recommended to cut down on their sugar and salt intake and increase their intake for the natural metabolism boosters.

However another aspect where people lose their mind while losing weight is where they indulge in strict diets just because they were asked to cut back on some diets. Cutting down on salt and sugar means to use less of it and eating when hungry as opposed to starving yourself or eating so often. Physical exercise is the other step that needs to be incorporated to make the process complete. Many people lose their mind when they hear about physical exercises because they look at it as a negative thing.

People think that exercises has to be formal where they have to buy a gym membership and sports clothes to burn the calories in their bodies. Physical fitness can be achieved at home by involving in such sports activities as playing basketball, engaging in the jumping rope games in the backyard of your home or even swimming. Other good examples are the outdoor sports activities such as mountain climbing. One simple way to engage in physical fitness is take a jogging session or simply walking to your destination.

It is recommended that one ensure that one is drinking water in plenty when exercising as well as when one is dieting.Relying entirely on scales can be deceptive when one is dieting. Example is where one may be building muscles as part of their exercise activities. In such a scenario, a person will weigh more because muscle is denser than fats.

If a person has no other option, then it is recommended that they weigh at the same time every day. Early mornings when one wakes up is good because water levels in our bodies may fluctuate over the day. A good way of telling if one has lost fats in the body is by the clothes one wears and seeing if they have become larger.Also friends and people around you helps one to know if one is making any progress.

It is recommended that a person should first consult with their medical or health physician before they starts any dieting or program. When one begins this process, it is good to follow through with the commitment in a faithful but in a stress free manner. The process may take time and your effort but with a significant amount of patience and determination, the results are inevitable. The conclusion of the matter is that one does not have to lose their mind in order to lose their weight.

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