Humanism Questions 2

Answer Each Qesution With At Least 100 Words.

How do the thinkers of the Renaissance compare to great innovators of today such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others?

How was humanism reflected in Renaissance thought and art?

How did economic development give rise to the middle class?

What cultural effects of the Renaissance and Reformation are evident in modern society?  Provide specific examples?

What differences can be seen between the Renaissance arts and those of the Baroque Age?

How did the Reformation influence the development of scientific thought and the arts?

Who was Martin Luther( Renisance)?  Do you think he changed the world?

What influences did political leaders have on the development of art and architecture?  How did artists – authors, musicians, artists, and son on – influence the world around them?

No Plagerism

No Copy And Paste

Cite All Sources

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