Humanities 101 essay

It’s due in 4 hour.

Here’s the description of the instruction: 

. Your essay should be:

  1. Well organized
  2. Well-developed
  3. At least 1.5 to 2 pages in length (double spaced. 12 pt. font. Please single space name,           date etc. in the heading
  4. Include citations in Turabian or Chicago style (style sheet available on Canvas)



1. One of the themes that runs through Humanities 101 is how the manner in which people live and the ways in which they understand and interact with the world are reflected in the visual art as well as the other types of expression the culture uses. In your essay, choose 2 pieces of art from the Paleo lithic (from the Power point lecture or your book) and two from Mesopotamia. Analyze the art based using both formalistic and contextual approaches. Identify and explain how the art reflects the culture that created it had with their world. Don’t forget to think of/address the type of religious beliefs the culture had, its social and political organization and how they got their food.

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