i eat mentos do you

How many dilemmas a day do you stumble across, that given a solution would just make life easier? The ad for Mentos featuring Albert Einstein reads, “I eat Mentos, do you? Mentos. Helping People Get Ideas”, implying Mentos can help increase intelligence to a level comparable to Albert’s. In advertisements from Mentos ordinary individuals find themselves facing various dilemmas; however, if one consumes a Mento they are inspired to solve their problems, while staying fresh and cool. In every case a loser becomes a winner. Mentos’ ad featuring Albert Einstein is an effective advertisement, despite the absence of the appeal to logic, because its appeal to both credibility and emotions are so robust. Even though Logos, the appeal to logic, is unaccounted for, the ad is still very successful. Of the three major ways writers or marketers persuade their audience to purchase their product, it isn’t necessary for Mentos to explain the logic for using a breath mint. Logically we all know what breathe mints do, stating the obvious wouldn’t contribute to the persuasion of the ad. Even considering the appeal to false logic, the notion that Albert Einstein’s brilliant mind is thanks to a breath mint is implausible; therefore, the assumption could be made that Mentos had no intentions to appeal to logic or false logic. An individual seeing this ad would not literally think they’d become as smart as Albert from consuming a breath mint.

Although there is a lack of logos in this advisement, it is an effective ad that includes only two of the three appeals. Ethos, the rhetorical element that appeals to credibility is the strongest element used to persuade customers to purchase this product. Albert Einstein is known for being one of the smartest men in history, and if that isn’t obvious enough to a reader, the ad also states that he is a, “World Famous Scientist”. The reputation and expertise of Albert in conjunction with the advertisement’s tag lines, “I eat Mentos do you” and “Mentos. Helping People Get Ideas”, insinuates that if the consumer eats Mentos, they will be just as smart. The use of Albert’s celebrity endorsement is not only an effective display of using credibility but is also used to support the claim that Mentos will give you great ideas. Mentos’ use of humor was a clever and effective way to approach the appeal to Ethos. Like Ethos, Pathos is captured exceptionally well, and focuses more on the positive emotional appeal. In this ad Mentos uses the promise of gain; the obvious promise of gain is great breath, but Mentos achieves the emotional appeal by using Albert Einstein to suggest the gain will also be great ideas or a solution.

Finding a solution to a problem can be extremely gratifying, giving you an overwhelming feeling of pride and satisfaction. The promise of the gain paired with the instantaneous gratification is what makes the emotional appeal even stronger. The illustration of Albert gives him a softer feel, bringing a sense of friendliness and kindness to the ad. The soft colors, creased lines and folded edges contribute to the authenticity of the vintage illustration. The use of Pathos along with Ethos is what made this ad effective. To conclude, Albert Einstein’s Mentos advertisement makes a customer feel like they can benefit from the product without using the appeal to logic. Anyone who is going to see this ad knows that a breath mint freshens breath; the reason the Mentos ad is successful is because of the use of humor, along with Ethos and Pathos. It relates to something everyone wants, easy solutions and great ideas, and assures that this product is the answer. This all leads us to one question, “I eat Mentos, do you”? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Fzq94YVbHHM/TGWZkCH9UnI/AAAAAAAA3S8/90q1N6LqruI/s1600/weird_vintage_ads_40.jpg

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