I have assignment??

These research papers, 6-10 pages in textual length can cover any topic: event, personality, technological development, societal change within Western Civilization during the 1800s and first 15 years of the 2000s.  This includes modifications to traditional institutions such as the family, government, and the media.  The research paper should be documented, at least 5 sources, and I would encourage at least one of those sources to be a book. Do not rely on the textbook for the course.  In the past I have encouraged students to use their degree focus as an inspiration for the subject, therefore athletic, political, cultural, technological developments are part of the acceptable themes for these papers.  Usual form for research papers is expected, including title page, bibliography. I have in the past also encouraged students to devise charts, utilize photographs or other websites in their presentations.  I am also willing to accept a critical book review for this assignment, but the book must be approved in advance, and a critical review is not a book report. In addition to relaying the theme of the book, a critical look at the merits of the viewpoint of the author is expected.

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