i need help with a history discussion paper

Compare and contrast early African slavery (prior to European arrival) to African slavery in the New World. Make sure to discuss if slavery is a permanent condition, slavery role in society, how slaves reacted to their condition, did they rebel, etc. Then discuss what the Middle Passage was and how this horrific experience shaped the lives of Africans once they arrived in the New World. (Make sure to use the primary and visual documents at the end of the chapter as examples to support your findings when writing this short essay..

 This assignment should be at least 1 ½ (one and a half) pages long via a Word Document.

If you have access to the following book can you please use that

Deborah Gray White, D.G.W, Mia Bay, M.B & Waldo E. Martin Jr, W.E.M.J. Freedom On My Mind A History Of African Americans With Documents. 2nd ed. Boston, Ma: Michael Rosenberg, 2017. Print

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