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HY 1110 Unit II (VZC) Discussion Board

Crew, this Unit was loaded with a tremendous amount of fascinating events ranging from colonization to the birth of slavery–even before we became a country. So, I’ve provided a couple different discussion questions below. What you need to do is select ONE of the questions below and provide your initial post. Make certain that in the subject line of your post that you identify the question that you have selected. The topic is provided above the specific question. Have fun!

Colonization: The period of exploration and colonization was filled with violence between the Europeans and Natives. Reflecting on what you have studied this week, in your opinion, was this violence inevitable as Europeans established colonies or could it have been avoided and a more pacifistic approach used to establish relations? Why? Crew, when you are thinking about this question, make sure that you put yourself in pre-colonial times. Consider things like international relations, cultural differences (religious, language, etc.), economic elements, and political differences.

Which was more enticing? What do you believe had the greater appeal of the American colonies for migrants: freedom of religion or economic opportunity? Remember to include evidence to help support your opinion.

Regional location: If you were settling in the New World, which region would you chose to settle? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your regional choice?

I have to comment on m classmates discussion board question and this is what they wrote


As European settlers came in, they took over established communities, if you will. They came with a sense of entitlement and privilege that still carries on today with some individuals. There was no attempt to learn of the culture of the natives. With such an air of arrogance, there was bound to be violence. Coming into a community makes you an outsider, not a founder.

If we simplify it on a smaller scale, imagine this scenario: A person shows up at your home, lets them self in and takes up residence. They use all of your resources, claim them for themselves, force you to follow their religion, and language, enslave your wife and children. If you don’t comply, they kill you and your family. They also bring an army with them to help carry out their agenda. As a homeowner, you fight back and try to protect what you have worked for, what you’ve built. You try to preserve your culture and it’s history.

With the language barrier and cultural differences, violence to some degree was inevitable. But as each group was more open to learning about each other’s culture, relations could have improved. Each group had its own unique qualities that made up what they considered to be a community. There only needed to be a level acceptance and understanding to make it a mutual partnership between both.

FIR 2302 Unit VII Discusion Board Question

What has been the most difficult emergency response-related policy implemented in your department or a department near you? Why? Some possible examples include seat belt usage, safety vest usage, upstream blockers on roadways, backing operations, stopping at intersections, staging for violent incidents, and wearing bulletproof vests. What thoughts do you have in how to improve the implementation of this or other policies?

In your response to a classmate’s post, add insight as to what worked in your department. Help each other think of ideas to assist with a successful policy implementation. Many times policy enforcement is one thing, but culture change is the bigger issue.

I Have To Comment On My Classmates Discussion Board Question And This Is What They Wrote

A difficult emergency response-related policy implemented on my department is our hurricane policy. During major storm preparations, we do not get activated for a emergency response until 48hrs before landfall. This to me is unacceptable and inconsiderate to the families that need to prepare for evacuations or special needs for their kids, family members, and themselves. Every year the gulf-coast states goes on high alert for a possible hurricane. My department is behind the curb when it comes to the preparations needed. Our department of homeland security give the notice but the fire department seem to act on it late because they always make it about paying overtime until FEMA money is paid out. This has to change immediately. The activation of employees should available as soon as homeland security notify us of possible landfall. Money at that time shouldn’t be a problem when you already no FEMA will pay for the hour our men/women have worked. By giving enough time to prepare, all employees who will be enacted should be giving 36 prior to reporting to the station so that they can ensure their families are taken care of with the proper care that is needed.


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