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The guarantee for the team members to accomplish the target task is to complement each other and give full play to each person’s specialty to make it synergistic. This is the spirit of collaboration, which is the essence of teamwork. Set up different positions, select different talents, give different treatments, cultivate and affirm, let each member be able to express their strengths, and then gather all the specialties together. The goal of the team is based on clear project objectives, so the team manager must clearly outline the overall project objectives, project scope, work breakdown structure, schedule, etc. in the work plan. And because team members have their own personal goals when joining the team or project, the team manager should fully consider the factors of personal goals when formulating the project’s sub-goals. If team members’ personal goals are organically combined with the project goal, in the future the team members can get great support during work. In the process of designing the team, factors such as corporate and personnel need to be considered. The Personnel factor, for example, respects the individual’s hobbies and specialties.

It is important to form and train team members. The success of a task is closely related to the quality of the team members. Put the right people in the right place, give full play to the strengths of the project team members, and then bring their results together to achieve the team’s work goals. But sometimes, it is not necessary to choose people with the same style to be paired into groups. Working with different styles of staff often helps to complement each other, inspire and create better collaboration benefits.

A smooth communication channel is needed. Without the establishment of a good communication channel, it will hinder the communication between team members, and it is impossible to create a good collaborative team. Therefore, team managers must ensure that a complete communication network is established as early as possible, and effective two-way communication in the communication channel enhances understanding and friendship among members and fosters the spirit of teamwork.

The establishment of Team-based reward and recognition structure adopted by corporation has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of team members and the strengthening of teamwork. In addition, team managers must distinguish between individual incentives and team incentives. Personal incentives must be fair, otherwise it will affect collaboration among project members. Team motivation can boost morale and promote team building.

Part 2:

When we feel attached to certain group, it is because in this group, we have a sense of belonging, we can feel the atmosphere of the home in the team, even if this “home” is not perfect. The deeper sense of identity always comes from the fact that everyone in the group can contribute to the same goal. Everyone participates in the team building and development, and everyone adds their strength to the team’s achievements.


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