i was born in early june of 1988 my name was whit

ney Nova OctaviaAdams. I was the child of a drug user. During visitations my birth motherwould get drunk, therefore in my infant life I was property of the state.

The sixth child of her I was quite fortunate to be taken in by VioletPerkins. She was nice, and had help from everyone around her. My otherbrothers and sisters were either 18 or adopted by mean parents. My sisterand I were so much alike they called us twins. I wish I knew her.

The first girl to enter Violet’s home, she adopted me in 92. Iwas not an average child, I struggled with learning disabilities. I waslaughed at picked on, even got into fights. I had a love of nature, lovedto draw leaves and the sun, in kindergarten, I climbed a 10ft high gate tofree a plastic bag. They had to call the fire department to get me down. Mybrother Derrick was always there for me. When I got into trouble he use tolie about it, saying he did it. We had our sibling rivalry, he was alwaysbetter than me, I hurt him a lot. He was very upset about finding out thatViolet adopted my younger brother and sister, and not him. He lives withpain in his heart.

Elementary school was not better, I had no friends, derrick wasgone, and I only had my older sister Amanda to look up to. I wanted to be ateacher, but I couldn’t without doing my own work. This was a big problemfor me, if I didn’t understand I wouldn’t do it. My sister often says thatI need to beat the odds. The odds say I will get pregnant at 15, drop outof school at 16 and not go back to school. I state that nothing, no one hascontrol of my life but me. One person has had great influence over my life,my sister, Amanda. Amanda was “mother-sister” or often “sister-mother.”Amanda takes care of school, and of us. She’s a pretty goodmother-sister. I went to an expensive catholic school from 7-8th grade, theteachers were ok, but they let the bad students get away with everything.

In my 2 years there I improved dramatically, I had friends they were weirdbut they were there. Yes, I got suspended sometimes, and I learned from mymistakes. We had so many times during 8th grade, my life has been perfect.

I attended church on a regular, went to a good school, had excellent gradesmy sister was finally proud of me.

Here I am talking about High School. I went to John Dewey for1year. I had so many friends in Dewey, the teachers were likable and therewas a campus where everyone hangs out (even teachers). I started off good,slow sliding my grades fell. I was unable to go to gym because ofconfidential medical reasons and I live very far from Dewey (never made iton time). That’s when I decided to try entering Midwood, I got accepted,and started to improve my work and writing. My mother and sister are gladthat I’m in a great school.

I don’t yet know what my future goals are, but one of them willinclude writing. I plan on going to college, maybe not right away (mighttake a year off, get a job, and save that money). What I want to do is whenI turn 18 I would like to look for my siblings, get a car, and rent anapartment in my sister’s house. Write a few children’s books, then college,I can become a journalist (that’s what my sister wanted to become) or anEnglish teacher, even an artist. Who knows, I surely don’t, with all myinterest I can be anything.

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