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School systems, especially schools of higher education like Michigan State University, should inspire students to hind in a creative manner. The establishment of an annual award for creativity and innovation at Michigan State University will encourage students to use their imagination in tandem with the knowledge they have gained while at the university. Students working toward any major may apply for this award, and they do not need a certain GAP in order to qualify. Students will use the following prompt: “Create a piece about how creativity benefits society.

Use any medium that inspires you including but not limited to paint, words, technology, and clay. Next, write a one to two page essay or a vive minute video explaining your piece. ” After the applicants have submitted their work, the public will vote on what pieces they like best through a website. The website will have three categories that the applicant can identify their project with. This website will allow them to pick their three favorite pieces from each category.

Once the votes are in, the top five applicants will appear before a panel made up of MASC.] faculty. Applicants will give a one minute presentation explaining the process they went through to create their piece and then answer questions from the faculty. The winner will be given an award of one thousand dollars, be featured in a State News article, and showcase his/her work at the Eli and Teethed Broad Art Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Introduction “Creativity is the highest form of intelligence. – Unknown Creativity is an essential component of human evolution. From the time humans learned to use fire, human civilization developed rapidly; people are fascinated with new ideas and are driven to create. Forward thinking people throughout history use knowledge in new ways to benefit humankind. In the current era of Big Data and the Internet, facts and information are more accessible to more people than ever before. In the present day, people benefit tremendously from fast speed Internet which provides them with a plethora of information and ideas.

There are huge online databases like Wisped that have allowed people to be saturated with information from a virtually limitless number of topics. New ideas are constantly emerging like impatient rain drops falling on a stormy night. By establishing the MS Undergraduate Creativity and Innovation award, Michigan State University will foster and encourage its students’ creativity. This award is a great opportunity to stimulate enthusiasm for creativity throughout a college campus as well as honor creative students who use their skills, education, and imagination to benefit others.

Recommendations Identification All professors will share information about this award with their classes. Students who are interested may obtain an application from their counselor. The application will explain the details of the award and the process for competing and ask for students’ contact information. The counselor and the student must sign the application and complete it by a deadline. Students will have a one month window to complete the application and another month to complete the presentation.

Any undergraduate student may apply regardless of their GAP. We believe that creativity, not GAP will show intelligence of the student. Presentation Applicants need to either write a one to two page essay or make a five minute video explaining their work. Applicants need to state the meaning of their work and tell audiences what inspired them. They can also use images to illustrate their ideas. They should explain the implications of their piece. It is important that they specifically state how creativity benefits society and how their work demonstrates this.

Five finalists will be invited to present their work to a panel of MS faculty. The presentation needs to include four different parts: Introduction (What can it be used for? What is the meaning of it? ), Process (How did you do it? What did you think while doing it? ), Challenges (What obstacles did you face during the creation of your piece? ), Inspiration (What inspired you to do it? ). After the presentation, the judges will have the opportunity to ask questions. Selection

Once the submission window has closed, the selection process will first take place through a voting website. All entries will be anonymous, with only the title of the work displayed directly below the entry. Any MS student or faculty member or East Lansing resident interested in participating in the voting process may gain access to the website and vote only once. Each person will be able to rate his or her top three choices for each category. When the website voting is closed, the top five entries of each category will be the finalists.

Each finalist will have an opportunity to present his or her entry to a anal of judges consisting of department heads from various colleges at Michigan State University. Members of the MS and East Lansing communities will be invited to watch the presentations. The judges will base their decision on the following criteria: 1) Prompt is creatively and clearly addressed, 2) Essay or video shows creative process in an interesting way, and 3) Presentation is engaging and informative. Reward There will be three awards given, one for each category, of a thousand dollars.

The winners will each be featured in a special issue of the State News. This sue will explore many aspects of creativity in people’s lives, on campus, and in the world. All entries will be showcased in a month long exhibit at the Eli and Teethed Broad Art Museum as well as the Detroit Institute of Arts. Students will also have an opportunity to work with some of the professors who are experts in the subject matter that they created their projects in to begin a campus-wide conversation about creativity.

Conclusion The Student Task Force will partner with the Associate Provost of Creativity and Innovation in order to make this award a success. Communication and elaboration between these two groups are necessary in order to create a noteworthy award. Committees of volunteers within these groups will be formed to work on informing the student body, creating a budget, reserving a place for the final judging, creating the voting website, and creating a timeline for this award.

To successfully hold this competition, all MS students must be informed about the details of this award. MS should post information on its home weapon, send out mass emails, post flyers in buildings, put information about it in the State News, use social media, and have all professors introduce it n their classes in order to encourage students to participate in the creative part of the competition as well as the voting. People should also be informed that they may be in the audience as the final judging takes place.

Creating a budget is a top priority, so that this award can be fully funded. It will be important to learn the cost of various venues and to find one that will fit the budget and allow for a large audience to attend. In addition, the task force must determine if students are capable of creating the voting website or if an outside contractor will need to be brought in. Promoting the award should be done by students taking communications classes. There is more to learning than just taking exams.

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